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Image of Essex Civic Center

Essex Civic Center, Essex, ON

The Essex County Civic Centre, located in Essex, Ontario, is home to the Essex County Council Chambers as well as the administrative offices for Essex County Council Services. The Essex Council Chambers is home to TOA's TS-900 IR Series Conference System. The system is made up of 30 delegate units, controlled by 1 chairman unit. To support the system and make the meetings easy to hear and understand, the facility relies on TOA's A-9120DHM2 Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier which covers 2 zones including the main conference area and the galley. The Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier powers 9 of TOA's F-1000WT Two-way Box Speakers which cover the gallery seats and 4 of TOA's F-122C Ceiling Speakers which can be found covering the main conference room floor.

This system is ideal for the Essex Council Chambers, as it is portable, secure (due to the IR Frequencies the TS-900 uses), providing the facility with the flexibility and privacy they require.
Essex Civic Center

Baycrest Health Sciences, Toronto, ON

Baycrest Health Sciences is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education. Baycrest is an academic health sciences center affiliated with the University of Toronto. 

Baycrest was looking for a performance system that was flexible and easy to operate. They wanted to route audio to different areas within the building and have a general PA mic to do an all call page. To facilitate this requirement, TOA's A-9060SM2 Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier, including input and output modules (D-001T and T-001T) and remote control panels (ZM-9013), was selected. 

The A-9060SM2 Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier supports up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs so the user had the flexibility to route any input to any output when needed. It also provides 60W per channel to power the F-2852C two-way wide dispersion ceiling speakers which allowed them to distribute the power evenly to each speaker.

A S4.16 Trantec Series UHF Wireless Microphone System was also included in the design. 

Baycrest Health Sciences is extremely happy with the system. It provides all the features that they were looking for, while keeping the project within their tight budget. 


Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, Calgary, AB

Located in Northwest Calgary, the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant required an Intercom communications and paging system that would provide effective communications not only onsite, but with the Glenmore Water Treatment plant located in Southwest Calgary. 

This project was a part of an extensive upgrade that was required for both plants. Not only would the facilities be revamped to increase production capacity, water treatment quality, and elevate the city's environmental stewardship, they would also receive a new communications system. Effective communications was now required around the clock between both facilities.

Both facilities would be able to page onsite and across town through an IP network. Because of high noise levels at the facilities, a Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier (A-9240SHM2) including ambient noise modules (AN-001) and sensing microphones (AN-9001) would be incorporated to ensure that all pages and communications, including everyday and emergency communications, would be heard intelligibly. Using a WAN and TOA's IP Intercom Bearspaw and Glenmore Water Treatment Plants were able to establish communications. They chose TOA's Industrial Use Master Station (N-8020MS) which is designed to work in heavy dust or wet environments (IP 54 rated). 

SC Series Paging Horns are strategically located around the plant to provide effective communications to all staff and visitors. These horns are IP 65 certified with weatherproof construction and are ideal for harsh environments such as a water treatment plant. 


Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan, Baie-Comeau, QC (Hospital)

The surgery block at Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan required a hands free and footswitch operated communications system. Working in a cleanroom and hands free environment, it's important for the doctors and nurses to have products that fit the specifications. 


TOA recommended components from their IP Intercom Product line, including their Flush Mount Master Stations (N-8033MS). These master stations are manufactured just for hospitals. They are IP-65 rated, chemical resistant for use in industrial and harsh environments and offer an input for use with foot switch dialing.


The surgery block at the hospital is delighted with their communications system, especially that they can communicate with other areas within the hospital through a reliable hands free operation.


Products used: 

• N-8033MS Flush Mount Master Station
• N-8000EX IP Network Intercom Exchange

Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, Montréal, QC


The Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine is a pediatric and obstetric university health centre affiliated with the Université de Montréal, located in Montreal, Quebec. 


The hospital sought a reliable Intercom System to provide communications and security between the parking lots and building entrances. 


The hospital underwent an expansion and renovation and required an Intercom System to provide communications and security between the parking lots and building entrances. The hospital needed to be able to communicate with people in the parking lot, provide public address paging and door access to the facility and parking.


TOA's IP Intercom System was installed to provide a networked (LAN/WAN) Intercom System throughout the parking lots to the hospital. Public address paging and hands free conversation is possible via the Intercom System. The system remotely controls electronic door locks providing security for the hospital.  

Products Used: 

  • N-8000EX - IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8050DS - Door Station
  • N-8600MS - IP Multifunctional Master Station


City of Calgary, Water Treatment Plants, AB

The City of Calgary, recently upgraded two of their water treatment plants. The Glenmore Water Treatment Plant on the Elbow River and The Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant on the Bow River. TOA's IP Intercom was installed to manage the facilities security and access.

Council Chambers, Coquitlam, BC

The City of Coquitlam Council Chambers hosts regular council meetings with the Mayor and Council. 

The courthouse required a microphone that would provide excellent pick up patterns, allowing the presenter to be able to move freely around the lectern

The system that was previously installed was not working effectively. They needed to provide clear sound, so that the speaker could be heard throughout the Council Chambers.

The City of Coquitlam Council Chambers is now home to TOA's AM-1 Real-time Steering Array Microphone System. This system is equipped with a built-in sensor to detect and track sound sources, capturing voices clearly and continuously from either side, above or below. This frees speakers to move back and forth in the vicinity of the podium, turn or tilt their heads to address different sections of the audience, or gesture naturally without concern for the location of the microphone. 

The council chambers and installer were very pleased with the dynamic sound, functionality and ease of operation and installation of this microphone. 

AM-Real-Time Steering Array Microphone System Set

Products Used:

  • AM-1MBQAMX Real-Time Steering Array Microphone System
  • AM-1CQAM Real-Time Steering Array Microphone Control Unit
  • AD-246 AC Adapter


City of Lethbridge City Hall, Lethbridge, AB

The City of Lethbridge City Hall relies on TOA's equipment for their audio processing.

City of Moose Jaw Council Chambers, Moose Jaw, SK

The City of Moose Jaw Council Chambers relies on TOA's reliable audio equipment for audio processing and wireless microphones.

Goderich Council Chambers, Goderich, ON

The Town of Goderich, known as "Canada's Prettiest Town", boasting a unique octagonal town centre, sandy beaches, secluded marinas and diverse recreational activities. Goderich's Council Chambers was looking for a reliable solution for their frequent meetings. They decided on TOA's TS-770 Series Conference System. TOA's TS-770 brings multiple-mode remote conferencing to the meeting room, via a standard telephone line, mobile phone or PC-based IP telephony. The system provides a full range of features to ensure clear sound for efficient and effective conferences. Extension cables were re-routed through conduits built into tables to hide the cables and wires of the system.

Groupe Police, Montréal, QC


Group Police's publicity office. The multipurpose room regularly hosts a variety of events, presentations, music shows, among other activities and events. 


Looking for a multipurpose sound system for presentations, events and background music, Group Police selected TOA's HX-7 Compact Line Array Speaker System with Subwoofers, and a powerful Matrix Amplifier.


The system needed to provide great sound, needed to be powerful and efficient at both high and lower volumes. 


TOA products were selected for this facility. TOA's HX-7 Compact Line Array speakers have high sensitivity to provide the variety of performances that the facility expects to host. These speakers are know for reproducing clear sound in spaces with long reverberation times or high background noise using it's wave front technology. To capture the low frequency's, the HX-7's work in conjunction with the FB-150 subwoofer. The head-end of the system is provided via TOA's DA-550F Digital Power Amplifier, which features high power outputs and high efficiency. The system is also relying on TOA's M-9000 Preamplifier is equipped with signal processing and control functions necessary for sound reinforcement, permitting all parameters to be set at the mixer. This preamplifier works with modules to provide the functionality and performance desired. 

Products Used: 

  • HX-7 - Compact Line Array System
  • FB-150 - Subwoofer
  • DA-550F - Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier
  • M-9000M2 - Preamplifier
  • 9000 Series Modules


High River Council Chambers, High River, AB

High River Council Chambers relies on TOA for sound processing.

Newmarket Courthouse, Newmarket, ON

The Newmarket Courthouse is a satellite court providing selected and limited court services in conjunction with a main court office. 

The courthouse required a door access system for the courthouse security. They needed to be able to control who was admitted into the building and control building access in case of an emergency. 

The Newmarket Courthouse needed to be able to monitor and control door access and the security of the courthouse. 

Newmarket Courthouse is now home to TOA's N-8000 Intercom System, including analog master stations, substations, emergency use substations and a direct select unit. The courthouse can monitor door access and maintain a secure building via the N-8000 IP Intercom. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8410MS: Analog Standard Master Station
  • N-84000RS: Sub-station Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
  • RS-480: Sub-station (emergency use)
Image of H Series Speaker at Ontario Science Center

Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON

The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario offers it's visitors interactive experiences with science and technology. They have interactive displays and exhibitions allowing their visitors to have fun while learning.

The Public Address System at the Science Centre features TOA's F Series - Ceiling Speakers, F Series - Box Speakers. H Series Interior Design Speakers to play audio in their interactive displays. 

Ontario Science Centre Cafe Ontario Science Centre Hall  Ontario Science Centre Ceiling Speakers Website

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, ON

Display choice key for Ontario Shores medical auditorium. - by Dan Daley (Sound & Communications Magazine)

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

The corporate auditorium might be the single largest space many companies have, yet it’s often the least understood technically and the most overlooked when it comes to budget. Yet, when it’s time to use it, it can be an intimidating cavern, one usually lacking an obvious on/off switch. 

Ask The Right Questions

When it comes to planning the AV for an auditorium, “You always have to start by asking the right questions,” observed Omar Prashad, General Manager of Systems Integration at Toronto-based AV integrator Advanced (advanced-inc.
com). The use case has to be laid out in as much detail as possible, including the number of people who might use the facility at any one time and the various groups that will use it. This is especially true in the case of a medical facility, such as at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores), where 1200 staffers perform treatment, research and education for patients with complex mental illnesses, and where Advanced installed a sizable amount of
AV equipment. There were some very specialized questions, as well.

Auditorium Audio
The Ontario Shores auditorium seats about 130 but, as with most corporate assembly venues, it’s rarely used to capacity. Although equipment vendors may draw a crowd as they use the AV system to demonstrate a new product, groups as small as a dozen may fill just the first row for close-up looks at medical imaging.

“What you don’t want is for it to sound like someone standing mid court at Madison Square Garden,” said Prashad. The solution was to establish zones for the 12 TOA PC in-ceiling speakers (a 12-inch TOA woofer is also installed, to add some dimension to the spoken word), all powered by a four-channel TOA DA-500 amplifier. 

Under Control

At the very beginning of the project, when Prashad was polling Ontario Shores’ managers and doctors about what they were expecting from an AV-refreshed auditorium, he said that a consistent refrain was the demand for ease of use. He offered that the mandate was clearly, Make sure I can use the system!“That was the message,” said Prashad. “When you have big rooms and big systems, people can be afraid to push the buttons. And they don’t want to spend time on the phone with the help desk.”

TOA equipment list includes;

2 TOA DA-500F-HL-CU 4-channel amps
2 TOA HS-1200HW mounting brackets for horizontal speaker
2 TOA HS-1200WT 12" woofer, 6 dome tweeters, 100V, 70V, 8 ohms
12 TOA PC-1869S ceiling-mount speakers 

Excerpts taken from the magazine article. Read the full article here.

Article written and published in June 2015 Sound and Communications Magazine. Posted with permission.

Ottawa Central Ambulance Communications Centre, Ottawa, ON

When the Ottawa Central Ambulance Communications Centre designed a command-and-control center to maximize AV technology and to provide situational awarness, redundancy, and on-the-job training, they relied on TOA products.

TOA Equipment List:

    • 14 x TOA F-2352C Ceiling Speakers
    • 4 x TOA F-122CU2 Ceiling Speakers
    • 2 x TOA F-1300BT Box Speakers
    • TOA M-9000CU Modular Matrix Mixer/Amp
    • TOA D-001R Unbalanced dual-line input module
    • TOA T-001T dual-line output module 

Read Pro AV's March-April 2011 Article.

Restigouche Hospital, Campbellton, NB

Restigouche Hospital Center makes their patients comfort and safety their top priority. Restigouche Hospital is a treatment facility for patients with mental health issues, as well as an assessment facility for the courts (which requires detention areas). When researching a communication system that could be used for general paging and that could be counted on in an emergency, they chose TOA's reliable product lines.

The hospital needed an emergency broadcast system that would function 24/7 with supervision capabilities, allowing for intelligible everyday paging, as well as emergency communication. The system needed to be operational at all times for the safety of the staff and patients. It needed to be able to operate during extended power outages and have a battery backup that was reliable over a 24 hour period of time. TOA's VM-3000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System fulfilled all of these requirements. 

The hospital is divided into 15 paging zones throughout the 7 building facility. A main communication room houses the PA (public address) system for the entire facility. The gym and Chapel have their own system, which is included in the all call paging and emergency broadcast via the VM-3000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System. The gym has 4 HX-5 Compact Line Array Speakers hung centrally. The speakers are powered by TOA's DA-500 Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier. The inputs are controlled through an M-9000M2 Pre-Amplifier. The system also uses TOA's 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System. A remote panel (ZM-9002) is being used to control the volume. In the Chapel are Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speakers (TOA's F-Series Ceiling Speakers) and a 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System. The system is powered by A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier. The chapel also used a remote panel to control volume.

"The system design was complex in its functionality. With TOA's products, the installation was achieved easily allowing for flexibility and a key feature set through the use of the products." stated the lead technician on this project.

Royal Alexander Hospital

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, AB

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is one of Canada largest and longest service hospitals. It is located in the heart of Edmonton, AB and offers general and specialized medical and surgical health services. This hospital is also home of one of Canada's busiest emergency departments. 
Being one of Canada's busiest hospitals, it is important for The Royal Alexandra Hospital to be able to effectively communicate, manage entrances, have signaling devices, and relay important messages across the hospital to both staff and patients/guests. The hospital required an Intercom system that was reliable, intelligible, scalable and provided safety.
This project required the replacement of an existing intercom system. For approximately 23 years, The Royal Alexandra Hospital relied on TOA's EXES-6000 Intercom system for their main communications system. This system had become old and in its old age, was not functioning as well as the hospital needed it to, or to the newer standards in technology
The hospital decided to upgrade their existing TOA EXES-6000 Intercom system to TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System. The N-8000 system has enhanced features over the old EXES system allowing the hospital better communications, door control and paging functionality. It's LAN or WAN configurable providing lots of flexibility for the hospital. Because the hospital is upgrading an existing TOA system they are able to use existing cabling and components to make installation easier. 
Products Used: 
  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station (175 units)
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8000MI: Multi Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
Royal Alexander Hosptial  Royal Alexander Hosptial Royal Alexander Hosptial
  N-8000 Intercom Equipment Rack  (old EXES-6000 System)

Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON


The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) produces officers that have an ethical foundation and distinction to lead in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with their mental, physical and linguistic capabilities. This College provides outstanding undergraduate educational programs, both on campus and at a distance, to meet the needs of the members of the CAF and Department of National Defense (DND). The college shares it's knowledge with civilians interested in defense issues.  

As an important part of the Canadian Military and Government, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC), provides education to Canadian civilians interested in defense. It is important for the College to be able to communicate throughout its campus, including all the buildings on the grounds.    

TOA designed and recommended the IP Intercom System to provided campus wide communications, from building to building and throughout the facility. A Network Intercom Exchange was installed with 11 Multifunctional Master Stations so that users can page, call and communicate.  

Products Used: 

  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • YC-280: Wall Mount Bracket  



Image of Saskatchewan 100 Celebration

Saskatchewan 100 Celebration, Saskatchewan

Celebrating their centenial anniversary, Saskatchewan selected TOA's HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers.

Science World, Vancouver, BC

Science World in Vancouver, BC has a mission to engage people in science and to inspire future science and technology leadership throughout the province. 

Science World in Vancouver, British Columbia renovated their facility to include an expansion. This expansion required an expansion of their TOA equipment. The facility must provide communications throughout the facility, to ensure that all visitors have a pleasant visit, hear any announcements made, and are kept safe, by providing emergency and daily communications as required.  

Science World had an existing TOA system which they were so happy with, that when the expansion came they continued on with TOA's reliable equipment. 

Building Management is a hot topic these days. It is becoming increasingly more important to be able to manage a buildings communications and security systems, so that you can communicate effectively with patrons. The system must sound great so that every message is clearly understood. TOA's Integrated Voice Evacuation System is ideal for managing a buildings communication. It can effectively reach a variety of audiences providing background music, as well as paging, routed calls, priority and emergency announcements throughout the entire facility. The VM-2000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System was designed just for facilities like Science World. TOA's F Series Ceiling Speakers are designed to provide a wide-dispersion sound pattern so that less speakers are required, yet everyone can clearly hear the sound. 

Products Used: 

  • VM-2240: System Management Amplifier
  • RM-200M: Remote Microphone
  • RM-210: Remote Microphone Extension
  • F-2352CU2: Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speakers
  • HY-BC1: Back Can

Science World website

Image of Town of Whitby

Town of Whitby, Whitby, ON

The Council Chambers have two possible meeting arrangements. The first arrangement is set up for Town Council meetings. This formal meeting is set up in a circular shape with the conference tables on tiered levels. The second meeting arrangement is set up for public meetings (including noise exemption requests, city planning, etc.). During the public meetings, Council Chambers are arranged so that all committee members and participants are on one level, with the committee facing the audience. TOA’s TS-900 Series cordless Conference System allows for this portability and is ideal for any conference room that is apt to change the layout of the room, or the number of participants. “The Council Chambers enjoys using this conference system. It is easy for us to operate and re-locate the units as we require.” Commented Martha Pettit, Deputy Clerk, Town of Whitby. Moving the Chairperson and Delegate units is as simple as picking the chairman or delegate unit up and carrying it to the new location – power and cords are not required.

TOA’s TS-900 Series has the capability of being monitored by Creston control panels, which the Town of Whitby has been using. Crestron’s control panel allows the chairperson to be able to fully control all conferencing functions, including microphone functions such as mute on/off. The Town of Whitby can also expand the system to include voting (which is currently not being used). The conference system integrates nicely with the other products selected to work within the council chambers.

Read the full Installation Overview
Town of Whitby

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, MB

The Commissary of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WHRA) is considered a showcase around the world for their style of food distribution. The commissary is a central facility that prepares and distributes daily meals to patients. They operate in a large multi-room builing which required a PA system. A system was designed for the WHRA Commissary which allows them to complete multi-zone pages using TOA's VM-2240 and RM-200. Due to the different climated within the facility, several different types of speakers were required. The facility uses TOA's CS-64 - Wide-Range Paging Speakers; H1 and H3 - Interior Design Speakers; PC-1863 - Ceiling Speakers and SC-615T - Paging Horns. The Public Address system was installed in 2006 and has functions as designed without any issues.

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