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Image of Stratford Festival

Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, ON

Stratford's Shakespeare Festival is North America's largest classical repertory theatre, presenting the works of William Shakespeare and other great writers. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival aims to set the standard for classical theatre in North America. Embracing their heritage of tradition and innovation, the festival seeks to bring classical and contemporary theatre alive for an increasingly diverse audience. Stratford Shakespeare Festival relies on TOA for their Public Address needs. Enlisting in the help of TOA's VM-2240 - Multifunctional Amplifer paired with several of TOA's Speaker Lines, including; HX-5 - Varibale Angle Speakers in the auditorium, TOA's HB-1 Subwoofer and H3 Interior Design Speakers and PC-671RV Ceiling speakers surround the lobby, and outdoors TOA's weather-resistant F-240 Speakers can be found.

Fort Calgary Preservation Society, Calgary, AB

Fort Calgary is a historical rebuild of the original fort on the original site. Program sources at this facility include TOA's multipe frequency wirless microphone system used in theatre applications.

Jubilations Dinner Theatre, Edmonton and Calgary, AB

Jubilations Dinner Theatre is a comedy theatre for the whole family. The organization started it's operation in Winnipeg in 1993. Expanding into the West Edmonton Mall in 1996 and then into the Calgary market in 2001. Relying on TOA's UHF Wireless System, Jubilations has upgraded from TOA's WM-4000 Series product to TOA's high-end professional S5 Series - UHF Wireless Microphone Systems (Trantec). The new S5 Series has an impressive sound, that improves the quality of the shows.
Image of Eastlink Events Center

Eastlink Events Center, Clarenville, Newfoundland

Eastlink Event Center was a new building designed to shape the future of Clarenville and the community. It promotes community and personal wellness featuring a sports and recreation center, theater and conference rooms. Eastlink Event Centre features an arena with a capacity of 2,250 and a theatre which seats over 400.

When Eastlink Events Center was being designed, they chose TOA equipment as the designed specified equipment that would meet the requirements and needs of the client. The client wanted PA and paging throughout the facility.

The arena is covered by multiple clusters of HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers using TOA Synchronous Drive technology. The arrays are enhanced by the FB-120 subwoofer that complements this speaker.

The facility required paging throughout the base building and all public areas including dressing rooms, theatre, and arena. The paging distribution is operated through TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The amplifier includes paging modules to effectively broadcast communication throughout the facility. The DA-250 Multi Channel Digital Amplifier supports this system. The F Series Ceiling Speakers are installed throughout the facility to provide audible sound for paging, background music or any function the facility requires. A single PM-660U Paging Microphone is used to page. 

In the theater the guests are amazed by the big theater sound of TOA's SR-A Two-way Line Array Speaker System including the subwoofers that compliment this speaker to hit all ranges mid, high and low. The theater's head end includes TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The processing is done using TOA's D-901 Digital Mixer including modules and the IP Series Amplifiers. Monitor speakers are set up for the system as well as Wireless Hearing Assist and a UHF Wireless Microphone System. The DT-930 AM/FM Tuner is also being used. It is capable of receiving FM stereo broadcast and storing a total of 40 FM and AM stations.

Eastlink Events Center is happy with the performance, ease of use and quality of the sound from the equipment installed. They had a limited budget, and Audio Systems Ltd. was able to meet both the requirements of the budget as well as the PA and paging needs. The facility has great sound coverage, with excellent sound quality that has their clients raving about the facility's ability to communicate and provide the background music, announcements and impact required. The theater has been compared to large professional theatres with the sound quality where large events taking place including; music and theatrical performances. 

Eastlink Events Centre Head End Equipment Rack  Eastlink Events Center Theater Line Array