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Image of T & F Stadium, Universite de Moncton

Université de Moncton, Track & Field Stadium

The Université de Moncton's Track & Field Stadium is a newly built track and field stadium, where in late July 2010, the facility was the host to the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics. When looking for a full coverage, PA System for the stadium, the management at the Université de Moncton decided on TOA's reliable and durable product lines.

The Track and Field Stadium's bleachers and main building's sound and paging is delivered through TOA's LE long throw horns and HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers. The interior of the building has F Series Ceiling speakers to deliver wide-dispersion sound. The front end of the system includes TOA's D-901 Digital Mixer (plus modules) as well as the 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The Amplifiers include TOA's DA Series Amplifier and IP Series Amplifiers.
TOA Speakers


Bleuets School Board, Roberval, QC (Commission Scolaire du Payd-des-Bleuets)

Having a successful history using TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System and paging products, Bleuets School Board relies on TOA's products to manage their IP Intercom and paging throughout many of their schools.


The schools rely on TOA's IP Intercom System to control the class bell scheduling (N-8000AF Audio Interface Unit). Using Telephone Interface Units (N-8000AL) the office and classrooms are able to communicate through the touch of a button. The classrooms have TOA's PC Series Ceiling Speakers to communicate to the office and to hear, class bells, and pages. SC Series Paging Horns are used to communicate in other areas of the school, including outside the building. The paging speakers are driven by TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers to help control paging, as well as TOA's reliable BG and DA Series Amplifiers. 


The schools within Bleuets School Board are able to effectively communicate throughout the entire school, ensuring that all staff and students receive the appropriate message, class change and more. 
Products used: 

• N-8400RS Sub-station Interface Unit
• N-8000AL Telephone Interface Units
• N-8000AF Audio Interface Unit
• RS-450 indoor substation
BG Series Mixer Power Amplifiers
• DA Series Amplifiers Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier
• A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers
• PC Series Ceiling Speakers
• SC Series Paging Horns

Commission scolaire des Draveurs, Gatineau, QC

Commission scolaire des Draveurs in Gatineau, Quebec was looking for a solution to have public address and communications between multiple buildings. The system needed to be reliable, and intelligible


The school board relies on TOA's IP Intercom System to communicate through the entire facility within one building and across multiple buildings. They have combined TOA's IP Intercom system, which works over a LAN or WAN to communicate to different buildings and TOA's public address products to deliver the message. They are using PC Series Ceiling Speakers, F-2000 Series Box speakers, alongside SC Series Paging Horns (which are ideal for paging outside the building). The paging speakers are driven by TOA's reliable BG Series Amplifiers. 


The schools with in the school board are able to effectively communicate throughout multiple school buildings, ensuring that all staff and students receive the appropriate messages.
Products used: 

• N-8000 IP Intercom
• BG Series Mixer Power Amplifiers
• DA Series Amplifiers Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier
• F-2000 Box Speakers
• PC Series Ceiling Speakers
• SC Series Paging Horns

Commission Scolaire de Montréal, Montréal, QC


Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) has 191 schools with more than 112,000 students. Among the 191 intuitions are 127 primary, 34 secondary, and 16 institutions that are specifically for students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities. CSDM employs 15,000 ranking it among the largest in the metropolitan area of Montréal.


CSDM is one of Montréal's largest employers and is responsible for 112,000 students. Public Address (PA) and building security are top of mind for CSDM. They have set a standard for their PA and Intercom Systems across the entire school board. They want consistency and reliability, and have found it in TOA.  


The school board requires a simple PA System for gymnasiums with the ability for their Intercom system to pass through the gymnasium and interrupting the PA System when required (in daily use or emergencies). 

IP Intercom is used throughout the school board to manage the institutions buildings. Intercom allows the school to indicate class scheduling by signaling a bell (class change, or start/end of class), manage all entrance ways, communicate to each classroom from the office (and vice versa), and to be able to communicate across the school. 


Commission Scolaire de Montréal relies on TOA's products for both Public Address and building security. In the gymnasiums, they use a pair of HX-5 Compact Line Array Speakers in a 70V configuration (using a MT-200 Transformer). The speakers provide gym sound for public address like assemblies and other activities hosted in the gym. The speakers are powered by an A-724 Mixer Amplifier which will allow the IP Intercom to pass through the PA system providing important messages as required. A Synthesizer Tuner is included in the system to provide FM and AM stations in FM stereo broadcast.  The system also includes Wireless Microphones for easier communications. 

127,000 people is a lot of people to ensure are safe at all times, during daily activities or In the event of an emergency. The school board trusts TOA's IP Intercom System to keep their institutions safe at all times. They can manage entrances, signal class changes, and communicate from office to classroom and throughout the entire facility. 

CSDM is so pleased with TOA's solution that they have mandated that this system is their standard when replacing or installing a new Public Address or Building Security system. 

Products Used: 

  • HX-5 Compact Line Array Speaker System (MT-200 Transformer)
  • A-724 Mixer Amplifier
  • DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner
  • A-5000 Series Wireless Microphone System
  • N-8000 IP Intercom 


Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON

Conestoga College in Kitchener, ON uses TOA for campus wide paging. 22 of TOA's VM-2000 - Multifunctional Amplifiers and PJ Series - Wide Range Projection Speakers. The VM-2000 makes use of the SV-200MA - Surveillance Board for speaker line supervision which notifies the controller if a speaker is not functioning correctly. The Amplifiers are installed throughout the campus allowing the controller to perform multi-zone paging, for every day paging and emergency paging.  
Image of Ecole Sainte-Bernadette

École Sainte-Bernadette relies on TOA

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick, École Sainte-Bernadette is home to over 180 students from kindergarten to Grade 5. The school is dedicated to supporting and teaching the pride of the French language and culture. École Sainte-Bernadette is a brand new school. When looking for a reliable and cost effective sound solution, they turned to TOA Canada Corporation. The head end of the system includes TOA's 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier, DA-250D Multi-Channel Digital Amplifiers and a DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner.  The Cafeteria boasts TOA's PE-304 Pendent Speakers. These speakers are designed for ceiling suspension installations and are architecturally pleasing, blending in with the lighting equipment.  The gymnasium (pictured below) relies on TOA's rugged SR-T5 Line Array Speakers. This speaker is ideal for school applications. It is impact resistant without the need for protective cages.  École Sainte-Bernadette is happy with their sound system as it provides them with the features and functions they required, while looking great and blending into the architecture of the building.

It's OK to be AWESOME!


It's OK to be AWESOME!It's OK to be AWESOME! is a school-based program targeted at grade 6 students in New Brunswick. 


“It’s OK to be AWESOME” is a life-changing program that empowers children to be their BEST SELVES! Involving personal development coaching and the unique delivery of content through live puppetry, it is a REVOLUTION in mental health education for young people!

Imagine an athlete, a dancer or just about any professional making their dreams a reality without a coach. In terms of mental health, it's clear a coach is needed. We are doing our future generations a disservice if we do not provide this loving guidance.

The areas of focus of the program include mental health education, bullying, anxiety, personal wellness, healthy relationships, self-esteem and self-worth.

This 12-week mental health education program is delivered by two highly-qualified Program Facilitators and Educators, Anne Lebans and Rebecca Tremblay. Educational puppet shows designed to promote positive self-concepts are presented alongside dynamic presentations on the topic of the week. These are followed by stimulating activities and inclusive group discussions emphasizing individual empowerment, inspired thinking and self-worth. An introspective debrief activity called “Life work” is assigned to complement each session and to allow students the opportunity to benefit from these techniques and mental reframes outside of school." 


The puppeteers needed a voice lift system that would allow the students to clearly hear their entertaining and important messages. 


TOA donated wireless microphone systems so the puppeteers could put on their show for grade 6 students in New Brunswick. 

Products Used: 

  • WM-5320A
  • WT-5800



Facebook Post

Richard Ivey School of Business, Toronto, ON

Now open in Toronto, the Richard Ivey School of Business (part of the University of Western Ontario) has TOA amplifiers and speakers to ensure even audio throughout the classrooms.

Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON


The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) produces officers that have an ethical foundation and distinction to lead in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with their mental, physical and linguistic capabilities. This College provides outstanding undergraduate educational programs, both on campus and at a distance, to meet the needs of the members of the CAF and Department of National Defense (DND). The college shares it's knowledge with civilians interested in defense issues.  

As an important part of the Canadian Military and Government, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC), provides education to Canadian civilians interested in defense. It is important for the College to be able to communicate throughout its campus, including all the buildings on the grounds.    

TOA designed and recommended the IP Intercom System to provided campus wide communications, from building to building and throughout the facility. A Network Intercom Exchange was installed with 11 Multifunctional Master Stations so that users can page, call and communicate.  

Products Used: 

  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • YC-280: Wall Mount Bracket  



Image of Concordia University

Université Concordia, Montreal, QC

Concordia University's fitness center is divided into several rooms/areas. The main area in the facility required a comfortable setting with background music that creates an environment conducive to exercising. The facility had extremely high ceilings and was constructed of concrete blocks, and glass on all walls. This construction created high reverberation that had to be overcome. The ventilation in this room was suspended from the ceiling creating installation challenges because of the need to work around a lot of structural obstacles. Once the installation was complete, Multicomtech had to test the system several times to adjust the system to the room noise. Multicomtech Inc. decided on TOA’s ceiling speakers powered with TOA’s 9000 Series digital matrix mixer/amplifier. The F-122 ceiling speakers were chosen to combat the echo and the high ceilings because of the excellent dispersion that the speaker offers. Each speaker was mounted into a back can and flush mounted into the ceiling of the facility. The 9000 Series digital matrix mixer/amplifier is set up to allow only 4 control buttons, including volume, and allows an I-pod, tuner, or CD player to be plugged in. The rest of the system has been locked for security allowing only the office staff access to the amplifier to adjust the volume. The Yoga and dance studios have been set up with the same equipment to allow an enjoyable and relaxing workout.

Read the full Installation Overview

University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC

UNBC's Northern Sports Center boasts a 145,150 square foot, high-performance sports facility. The Northern Sports Center is the largest of it's kind in British Columbia and possesses the province's longest indoor track. The facility features a field house (for soccer), track and straightaway, gymnasium, weight and cardio rooms, dance studio, and other multi-purpose rooms. The entire facility's audio is managed by the head end which distributes telephone paging, emergency microphone paging, background music and zone paging via the PBX phone system. The entire system is TOA. The head end includes the M-9000 Mixer and modules and PM-660U - Paging Microphone.

The basketball and soccer areas have TOA's D-901 mixing the input signals and managing the speakers (zone, crossover, frequency, etc.). The users can adjust the volume and other pre-sets, using TOA's D-911, a mechanical user interface for controlling the D-901. IP Series Amplifiers drive the HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers and the FB-120 Subwoofers. These areas also have TOA's UHF Wireless Microphone System.

Around the track and squash courts you will find TOA's CS-64 - Wide-range Paging Speakers. Throughout the lobby, washrooms and change rooms are TOA's popular F-122 Ceiling Speakers. The Dance Studio boasts TOA's HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers and the FB-120 Subwoofers, as well as TOA's UHF Wireless Microphone System for aerobics instructors to communicate to the class. These systems are driven by the DA-Series Multi-channel Amplifiers and M-9000 Mixer. The Weight room and circuit rooms feature TOA's A-9120S - Digital Mixer/Amplifier, plus TOA's F Series Ceiling Speakers.

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Kruger Hall is now the student's new home away from home on the St. George Campus. It is a place where student's can hang out, meet each other and build a community. The building had an event hall. a lower lunge area and a mezzanine lounge. TOA's SR-T5 Two-way Line Array Speakers have been installed into Kruger Hall.
Image of St. Denis Field

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (St. Denis Field)

St. Denis Athletic and Community Centre at the University of Windsor's Stadium, Outdoor Track and Football Field are home not only to the Lancer Football and Lancer Soccer teams, but also to TOA's weather-resistant HX-5 Series - Variable Angle Speakers, LE Horns and IP Amplifiers. The facility boasts 2,000 permanent seats and a spectator capacity of 10,000. The stadium has already played host to the 2005 Pan American Junior Games and the 2008 Canadian Olympic Trials for Track and Field.  

St. Denis Field

Image of Fieldhouse

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (Fieldhouse)

To create the impact and sound desired, the University of Windsor had eight of TOA’s SR-C8L Line Array Speakers strategically mounted throughout the venue, covering the mids and highs; the bass was created using four of TOA’s SR-C15B Subwoofers. The SR-C Series Line Arrays were designed to provide optimum coverage of the bleachers. To provide proper sound coverage at court level, four HX-5B Compact Array Speakers were assembled into two arrays facing 90 degrees down with one set covering each end zone of the court.

The head end equipment is assembled in a rack located in an ante-room off of the lobby. Driving the audio system are five DA-500F, 4 Channel Amplifiers. The system is mixed using TOA’s new D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor.

To provide courtside control, TOA’s Q-D-2012C Remote Control Console Unit has been linked wirelessly to the D-2008SP using a router and gateway connection. The audio provided from a music source (iPod) is sent via TOA’s Audio Network Adapter, NX-100, over the wireless network to the D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor. This provides the announcer with courtside control for announcements and cueing the appropriate sounds and volume levels.

Read the full Installation Story

University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB

Convocation Hall at the University of Winnipeg employs TOA's D-901 Digital Mixer for their Audio Processing. Convocation Hall was constructed in the late 1800's and was named for the convocation graduating ceremony. In it's history, Convocation Hall has been used as a lecture hall, dining hall, chapel, boxing ring, theatre and emergency shelter.
Image of Guelph Arena

University of Guelph, Gryphon Centre, Guelph, ON

TOA has a Public Address System featuring a center ice cluster of HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers. Along the bleachers are TOA's F-2000BTWP - Wide-Dispersion, Weather-resistant, Box Speakers. The system is driven with TOA's DA-250 - Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier and M-9000 - Mixer. The Gryphon Centre features twin rinks that are home to the varsity Hockey Gryphons and numerous intramural programs. The Gold Rink (featured in the picture) has a seating capacity of 1,400 and is an olympic-sized ice rink, home of the Gryphon Hockey Team.

Edmonton Catholic School Board, Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Catholic School Board wants their students and teachers to learn and teach at their best. The school board was looking for a solution which uses new technology for their classroom voice lift systems, and discovered TOA's Infrared Wireless Microphone Classroom System.

Studies show that classrooms that rely on voice lift systems produce better results for both students and teachers. Students learn and communicate more effectively, and behave better in classrooms because they can hear the teacher. The benefits for the teacher are a reduction in voice strain, easier classroom management, and fun and interactive lessons.

Recently, schools have started to make the switch from UHF technology to infrared technology. The Edmonton Catholic School Board is among this group. In the past, this school board has relied on many voice lift systems using VHF and UHF technology, including TOA Wireless Microphone Systems. These technologies rely on the 700MHz frequency bands, which can become crowded and over the past few years have been subject to government auction. Infrared technology works using infrared signals. There are many channels to work with, and because the infrared signal is contained inside a classroom, the schools belonging to the Edmonton Catholic School Board no longer have to share swamped frequency channels. Infrared technology also provides privacy and security for each classroom. 

The Edmonton Catholic School Board wanted a reliable voice lift system that allowed them to move away from the UHF technology. TOA's Infrared Classroom system was their ideal solution. Schools are able to have a IR Wireless Classroom Kit solution in each classroom. TOA’s Infrared Wireless Classroom System includes a ceiling-mounted wide-dispersion speaker (with integrated receiver and amplifier), an easily accessed desktop tuner and a pair of lightweight IR wireless microphones, one each for the teacher and students. The system is easy to install, fits into their budget and is incredibly easy for both the teachers and the students to use. 

As a long time user of classroom voice lift systems, the Edmonton Catholic School board knew they could rely on TOA's infrared technology. Over the past few years, the Edmonton Catholic School Board has been slowly integrating the system into their classrooms. The school board, schools, teachers and students are all happy with this system and can't believe how easy it is to use and how great the sound quality is. 

IR Wireless Classroom Kits


Learn More  about IR Wireless Classroom Systems.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Edmonton, AB

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Edmonton Alberta wanted their Gymnasium to provide superior sound for assemblies, dances, performances and more. They chose to install TOA's HX-7 Compact Array Speakers and subwoofers. These speakers are perfect for a school gym as they are impact resistant (don't require a cage), while offering great sound.

This system was an upgrade of an exisitng system that had poor sound quality. The school is happy with their TOA design as it provides a sound system with impact within a reasonable budget. 


Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC


Séminaire de Sherbrooke is a private institution offering education to secondary, collegial and continuing education students. They have the highest of standards when providing education to their students. 


To provide an Intercom and public address system to communicate throughout the institution. 


The school required a retrofit intercom system using the existing cabling of the old intercom system. From here, they integrated public address with the intercom system. 


TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System integrated seamlessly with the old cabling at the institution. The Intercom system allows the school to provide communications from the substations to the master stations, control doors, bell signaling, recording of conversations, and provide paging broadcasts throughout the facility. TOA's Paging Horns and PC Series Ceiling Speakers were installed to provide intelligible, crystal clear sound. The DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier was selected to power the speakers. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8000 IP Intercom
  • N-8400RS - Sub Station Interface Unit
  • N-8000AF - Audio Interface Unit
  • RS-150 - Substation
  • DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier
  • SC Series Paging Horns
  • PC Series Ceiling Speakers


Willow Park School Classroom Image

Willow Park Elementary School, Leduc, AB


Willow Park School’s motto is "Where Students Count and People Care." Following through with their motto, the school strives to provide a pleasant and personal learning environment for the children where it is fun to learn.  


Wanting to provide a fun and productive learning environment, Willow Park School wanted to provide classroom sound to enhance the teacher's voice. They wanted a simple system that was easy to operate and provided intelligent sound. 


There was no challenge to overcome in this installation.


The school decided to install TOA's Infrared Wireless Microphone Classroom Systems into their classrooms. 

By providing classroom voice lift, the school is able to achieve their motto “Where Students Count and People Care." In the classroom, students are more attentive and have a great time learning because they can clearly hear the teacher, and when it is their turn to speak, they can be heard. Teachers are experiencing less voice strain and classroom disruptions. The IR Wireless Microphone Classroom System helps the school achieve it's mission of (1) pride in achievement and a love of learning; (2) self-confidence, independence, responsibility, sense of personal worth; and (3) self-discipline and a respect for everyone. 

" I am happy to report that the mics work amazing within the Willow Park School. The teachers are happy with the classroom systems. I feel that the TOA IR Classroom system is far superior to the competition. The system is awesome and both the school and I are extremly happy with TOA's IR Classroom solution." Stan T. - Installer and reseller

Products Used: 

  • IR-800 Infrared Classroom System


Willow Park School Building

Willow Park School Classroom

Additional Education

Fanshawe College, London, ON
Lillian Osbourne High School, Edmonton, AB
Université de Montreal, Montreal, QC
Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA

Voice lift / classroom amplification is beneficial for both the teacher and the student. Having a classroom equipped with a voice lift system promotes learning by ensuring that the teacher and students can hear and understand the lesson. 

A teacher who uses a wireless microphone system reduces their vocal and personal stress, retains the students attention, suffers less classroom disruptions, and can promote a productive and fun learning environment. 

For the student, a classroom voice lift system makes the teacher easier to hear and understand due to higher speech volume, while voice clarity and intelligibility makes a lesson easier and more enjoyable to listen to. 

TOA has several product solutions for an amplified classroom system. Start with a compact mixer/amplifier, such as TOA’s BG‐M Series (BG‐2000 Series). This mixer/amplifier has five input channels and is ideal for background/ foreground music distribution, paging, and music/message‐on‐hold. Next choose your speaker. TOA recommends a wide‐dispersion ceiling speaker such as our F‐122C for full coverage sound or the H‐3 interior design speaker, which sounds great and blends into the design of the room.

To complete the system, choose either a UHF Wireless System or an Infrared Microphone System. 

TOA’s 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System operates in the 668‐698 MHz band with up to sixteen available channels. Transmitter options include the WM‐5270 or WM‐5265 condenser handheld, WM‐5325 lapel (with a selectable mic), WM‐4000H vocal headset and WM‐4000A aerobic headset. Each transmitter is powered by either a rechargeable battery or a single AA battery for ten hours of continuous operation. Receiver models include the WT‐5800 true diversity 64‐channel wireless tuner, WT‐5805 space diversity 64‐channel wireless tuner and the portable WT‐5810 space diversity 16‐channel wireless tuner. All 5000 Series receivers feature a frequency scanning function and transmitter battery status indicator.

TOA’s Infrared wireless microphone system uses infrared transmission, featuring unlimited channels per school. TOA has a specially designed Classroom System to meet the voice lift requirements within a classroom. The components of the IR Wireless microphone System consists of the IR‐820SP Infrared Wireless Speaker, IR‐802T 2‐Channel IR Tuner, the IR‐310M Hand‐Held or lapel IR Microphone Transmitter, the IR‐310BC Battery Charger, as well as the IR‐200BT‐2 Y Rechargeable NiMH Batteries. The kit also includes HY‐TB1 Support rails, WB‐802 Wall‐mount bracket for the tuner, CAT‐5E Cable, a 3ft 3.5mm Stereo Cable, and a 3ft RCA Stereo Cable.

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements. sales@toacanda.com or 1-800-263-7639. 

For more information visit www.toacanada.com/markets-education.html

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using 5000 Series Products

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using IR Classroom System Products

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using IR-700 Series Products

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA [PDF]

Innovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOA

Innovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOAInnovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOA

  • Intelligible speech transmitted by IR wireless microphone system helps boost the achievement of school children
  • IR integrated wide-dispersion speaker distributes uniform sound quality throughout the classroom
  • TOA's light-weight IR wireless microphones reduct the physical fatigue of teachers during classes

  • Infrared Wireless Mircophone System for Classrooms

    To Contact TOA about recommended products and installations for Educational Facilities; click here.

    Better Communications = Better Learning!

    Better Communications = Better Learning!Better Communications = Better Learning
    TOA Canada Corporation understands the value of a great education. Many Canadian educational facilities rely on TOA products including Universities, Colleges, Elementary and Secondary schools. TOA products can be found in classrooms (voice-lift), lecture halls, gymnasiums, cafeterias, building security, and more. TOA strives to promote learning and increase classroom teaching efficiency through products designed to ensure optimum communication between the teacher and student. School Security can be realized with TOA’s products to provide campus-wide security and monitoring, communications, broadcasting, emergency mass notification and evacuation, and more.

    Wireless Microphones Ceiling Speakers Mixer/Amplifiers IP Intercom Impact Resistant Gymnasium Speakers Mass Notification Voice Evacuation

    Solutions for Educational Environments Brochure

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