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Image of St. Dominic’s Rehabilitation Hospital

Greater Fredericton Airport, Fredericton, NB

The Greater Fredericton Airport in Fredericton, New Brunswick, operates a Public Address system that relies on TOA's PA Products, including the F Series - Ceiling Speakers. The Airport also relies on TOA's N-8000 - IP Intercom for communication and security throughout the airport.

Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, Calgary, AB

Located in Northwest Calgary, the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant required an Intercom communications and paging system that would provide effective communications not only onsite, but with the Glenmore Water Treatment plant located in Southwest Calgary. 

This project was a part of an extensive upgrade that was required for both plants. Not only would the facilities be revamped to increase production capacity, water treatment quality, and elevate the city's environmental stewardship, they would also receive a new communications system. Effective communications was now required around the clock between both facilities.

Both facilities would be able to page onsite and across town through an IP network. Because of high noise levels at the facilities, a Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier (A-9240SHM2) including ambient noise modules (AN-001) and sensing microphones (AN-9001) would be incorporated to ensure that all pages and communications, including everyday and emergency communications, would be heard intelligibly. Using a WAN and TOA's IP Intercom Bearspaw and Glenmore Water Treatment Plants were able to establish communications. They chose TOA's Industrial Use Master Station (N-8020MS) which is designed to work in heavy dust or wet environments (IP 54 rated). 

SC Series Paging Horns are strategically located around the plant to provide effective communications to all staff and visitors. These horns are IP 65 certified with weatherproof construction and are ideal for harsh environments such as a water treatment plant. 


Bleuets School Board, QC

Having a successful history using TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System and paging products, Bleuets School Board relies on TOA's products to manage their IP Intercom and paging throughout many of their schools.


The schools rely on TOA's IP Intercom System to control the class bell scheduling (N-8000AF Audio Interface Unit). Using Telephone Interface Units (N-8000AL) the office and classrooms are able to communicate through the touch of a button. The classrooms have TOA's PC Series Ceiling Speakers to communicate to the office and to hear, class bells, and pages. SC Series Paging Horns are used to communicate in other areas of the school, including outside the building. The paging speakers are driven by TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers to help control paging, as well as TOA's reliable BG and DA Series Amplifiers. 


The schools within Bleuets School Board are able to effectively communicate throughout the entire school, ensuring that all staff and students receive the appropriate message, class change and more. 
Products used: 

• N-8400RS Sub-station Interface Unit
• N-8000AL Telephone Interface Units
• N-8000AF Audio Interface Unit
• RS-450 indoor substation
BG Series Mixer Power Amplifiers
• DA Series Amplifiers Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier
• A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers
• PC Series Ceiling Speakers
• SC Series Paging Horns

Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan, Baie-Comeau, QC (Hospital)

The surgery block at Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan required a hands free and footswitch operated communications system. Working in a cleanroom and hands free environment, it's important for the doctors and nurses to have products that fit the specifications. 


TOA recommended components from their IP Intercom Product line, including their Flush Mount Master Stations (N-8033MS). These master stations are manufactured just for hospitals. They are IP-65 rated, chemical resistant for use in industrial and harsh environments and offer an input for use with foot switch dialing.


The surgery block at the hospital is delighted with their communications system, especially that they can communicate with other areas within the hospital through a reliable hands free operation.


Products used: 

• N-8033MS Flush Mount Master Station
• N-8000EX IP Network Intercom Exchange

Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, Montréal, QC


The Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine is a pediatric and obstetric university health centre affiliated with the Université de Montréal, located in Montreal, Quebec. 


The hospital sought a reliable Intercom System to provide communications and security between the parking lots and building entrances. 


The hospital underwent an expansion and renovation and required an Intercom System to provide communications and security between the parking lots and building entrances. The hospital needed to be able to communicate with people in the parking lot, provide public address paging and door access to the facility and parking.


TOA's IP Intercom System was installed to provide a networked (LAN/WAN) Intercom System throughout the parking lots to the hospital. Public address paging and hands free conversation is possible via the Intercom System. The system remotely controls electronic door locks providing security for the hospital.  

Products Used: 

  • N-8000EX - IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8050DS - Door Station
  • N-8600MS - IP Multifunctional Master Station


Commission scolaire des Draveurs, Gatineau, QC

Commission scolaire des Draveurs in Gatineau, Quebec was looking for a solution to have public address and communications between multiple buildings. The system needed to be reliable, and intelligible


The school board relies on TOA's IP Intercom System to communicate through the entire facility within one building and across multiple buildings. They have combined TOA's IP Intercom system, which works over a LAN or WAN to communicate to different buildings and TOA's public address products to deliver the message. They are using PC Series Ceiling Speakers, F-2000 Series Box speakers, alongside SC Series Paging Horns (which are ideal for paging outside the building). The paging speakers are driven by TOA's reliable BG Series Amplifiers. 


The schools with in the school board are able to effectively communicate throughout multiple school buildings, ensuring that all staff and students receive the appropriate messages.
Products used: 

• N-8000 IP Intercom
• BG Series Mixer Power Amplifiers
• DA Series Amplifiers Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier
• F-2000 Box Speakers
• PC Series Ceiling Speakers
• SC Series Paging Horns

Commission Scolaire de Montréal, Montréal, QC


Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) has 191 schools with more than 112,000 students. Among the 191 intuitions are 127 primary, 34 secondary, and 16 institutions that are specifically for students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities. CSDM employs 15,000 ranking it among the largest in the metropolitan area of Montréal.


CSDM is one of Montréal's largest employers and is responsible for 112,000 students. Public Address (PA) and building security are top of mind for CSDM. They have set a standard for their PA and Intercom Systems across the entire school board. They want consistency and reliability, and have found it in TOA.  


The school board requires a simple PA System for gymnasiums with the ability for their Intercom system to pass through the gymnasium and interrupting the PA System when required (in daily use or emergencies). 

IP Intercom is used throughout the school board to manage the institutions buildings. Intercom allows the school to indicate class scheduling by signaling a bell (class change, or start/end of class), manage all entrance ways, communicate to each classroom from the office (and vice versa), and to be able to communicate across the school. 


Commission Scolaire de Montréal relies on TOA's products for both Public Address and building security. In the gymnasiums, they use a pair of HX-5 Compact Line Array Speakers in a 70V configuration (using a MT-200 Transformer). The speakers provide gym sound for public address like assemblies and other activities hosted in the gym. The speakers are powered by an A-724 Mixer Amplifier which will allow the IP Intercom to pass through the PA system providing important messages as required. A Synthesizer Tuner is included in the system to provide FM and AM stations in FM stereo broadcast. The system also includes Wireless Microphones for easier communications. 

127,000 people is a lot of people to ensure are safe at all times, during daily activities or In the event of an emergency. The school board trusts TOA's IP Intercom System to keep their institutions safe at all times. They can manage entrances, signal class changes, and communicate from office to classroom and throughout the entire facility. 

CSDM is so pleased with TOA's solution that they have mandated that this system is their standard when replacing or installing a new Public Address or Building Security system. 

Products Used: 

  • HX-5 Compact Line Array Speaker System (MT-200 Transformer)
  • A-724 Mixer Amplifier
  • DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner
  • A-5000 Series Wireless Microphone System
  • N-8000 IP Intercom 


Deer Lake Regional Airport, Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Having a successful history using TOA's 900 Series, when the Deer Lake Regional Airport in Deer Lake, Newfoundland was updating their Paging and Intercom systems, they felt confident that TOA's reliable products were the solution for their communication requirements. The Deer Lake Regional Airport selected TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System, F Series - Ceiling Speakers, P-900 Series - Power Amplifiers, TOA's DP-L2 - Digital Ambient Noise Controller and TOA's EV-20R Sound Repeater.
Image of Edmonton Remand Centre

Edmonton Remand Centre, Edmonton, AB

Located in Edmonton's north end, next to the Edmonton Young Offender Center, the New Facility for Edmonton Remand Center can house up to 2,808 inmates in 10 different pods of units. The property covers approximately 16 hectares of land (about the size of 27 CFL football fields).
To control and monitor the facility, keep it secure and to communicate intelligibly with multi-zone paging, the Edmonton Remand Centre is using TOA's IP Intercom System, complimented with the A-9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifiers, with modules, and TOA's F-2000 Series Wide Dispersion Speakers. The IP Intercom consists of several IP network exchanges (N-8000EX) and IP Multifunction Master Stations (N-8000MS). The A-9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifiers are supported by modules including, ambient noise control modules, dual mic/line input modules with DSP, RS-485 Control Module, Input/output control expansion modules and remote panel with volume control modules.

The New Edmonton Remand Centre is being constructed using a direct supervision model, considered to be a 'best practice' throughout Canada and the USA. The majority of correctional facilities in Alberta currently use direct supervision, which is an inmate management system that places staff face to face with inmates and gives them the skills and tools to manage inmate behaviour. Correctional Peace Officers (CPOs) are stationed inside of the living units and are not separated from inmates by any physical barriers (e.g. windows or walls). They maintain direct and frequent contact with the inmates in their work area and use this interaction to build effective working (Taken from Government of Alberta, Solicitor General and public Security website.)


Edmonton Remand Center, Correctional Facility

Greater Moncton International Airport, Moncton, NB

The Greater Moncton International Airport is outfitted with a TOA Public Address System, along side an IP Intercom System, using TOA's N-8000 Series - IP Intercom.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Halifax, NS

The expansion at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport created an opportunity to update and replace an existing, out of date, intercom system. The airport was looking for a complete system that included an IP Network Intercom system that could be integrated with their existing platform. A true IP Intercom system was required for this complex project. Upon review of many Intercom Systems, it was discovered that TOA’s IP Network Intercom System was the complete communication solution for the airport.

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Hamilton Port Authority Beefs up Security with IP Intercom

Ranking among the top 10 ports in Canada, averaging volumes in excess of 12 million metric tons per year, the Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) wanted to implement a security system at all 12 of their piers. Seeing domestic and international cargo from around the world, the Hamilton Port is important to the economic vitality of the region. Wanting to control access to the Hamilton Port Piers, Hamilton Port Authority contacted Sandwell Consultants to design a system that will allow the Hamilton Port Authority to provide safety and security to all their visitors. Sandwell Consultants specified TOA’s IP Intercom for the project.

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Newmarket Courthouse, Newmarket, ON

The Newmarket Courthouse is a satellite court providing selected and limited court services in conjunction with a main court office. 

The courthouse required a door access system for the courthouse security. They needed to be able to control who was admitted into the building and control building access in case of an emergency. 

The Newmarket Courthouse needed to be able to monitor and control door access and the security of the courthouse. 

Newmarket Courthouse is now home to TOA's N-8000 Intercom System, including analog master stations, substations, emergency use substations and a direct select unit. The courthouse can monitor door access and maintain a secure building via the N-8000 IP Intercom. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8410MS: Analog Standard Master Station
  • N-84000RS: Sub-station Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
  • RS-480: Sub-station (emergency use)
Royal Alexander Hospital

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, AB

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is one of Canada largest and longest service hospitals. It is located in the heart of Edmonton, AB and offers general and specialized medical and surgical health services. This hospital is also home of one of Canada's busiest emergency departments. 
Being one of Canada's busiest hospitals, it is important for The Royal Alexandra Hospital to be able to effectively communicate, manage entrances, have signaling devices, and relay important messages across the hospital to both staff and patients/guests. The hospital required an Intercom system that was reliable, intelligible, scalable and provided safety.
This project required the replacement of an existing intercom system. For approximately 23 years, The Royal Alexandra Hospital relied on TOA's EXES-6000 Intercom system for their main communications system. This system had become old and in its old age, was not functioning as well as the hospital needed it to, or to the newer standards in technology
The hospital decided to upgrade their existing TOA EXES-6000 Intercom system to TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System. The N-8000 system has enhanced features over the old EXES system allowing the hospital better communications, door control and paging functionality. It's LAN or WAN configurable providing lots of flexibility for the hospital. Because the hospital is upgrading an existing TOA system they are able to use existing cabling and components to make installation easier. 
Products Used: 
  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station (175 units)
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8000MI: Multi Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
Royal Alexander Hosptial  Royal Alexander Hosptial Royal Alexander Hosptial
  N-8000 Intercom Equipment Rack  (old EXES-6000 System)

Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON


The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) produces officers that have an ethical foundation and distinction to lead in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with their mental, physical and linguistic capabilities. This College provides outstanding undergraduate educational programs, both on campus and at a distance, to meet the needs of the members of the CAF and Department of National Defense (DND). The college shares it's knowledge with civilians interested in defense issues.  

As an important part of the Canadian Military and Government, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC), provides education to Canadian civilians interested in defense. It is important for the College to be able to communicate throughout its campus, including all the buildings on the grounds.    

TOA designed and recommended the IP Intercom System to provided campus wide communications, from building to building and throughout the facility. A Network Intercom Exchange was installed with 11 Multifunctional Master Stations so that users can page, call and communicate.  

Products Used: 

  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • YC-280: Wall Mount Bracket  



Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC


Séminaire de Sherbrooke is a private institution offering education to secondary, collegial and continuing education students. They have the highest of standards when providing education to their students. 


To provide an Intercom and public address system to communicate throughout the institution. 


The school required a retrofit intercom system using the existing cabling of the old intercom system. From here, they integrated public address with the intercom system. 


TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System integrated seamlessly with the old cabling at the institution. The Intercom system allows the school to provide communications from the substations to the master stations, control doors, bell signaling, recording of conversations, and provide paging broadcasts throughout the facility. TOA's Paging Horns and PC Series Ceiling Speakers were installed to provide intelligible, crystal clear sound. The DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier was selected to power the speakers. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8000 IP Intercom
  • N-8400RS - Sub Station Interface Unit
  • N-8000AF - Audio Interface Unit
  • RS-150 - Substation
  • DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier
  • SC Series Paging Horns
  • PC Series Ceiling Speakers


Image of British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Tsawwassen Terminal, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., BC

BC Ferries, Tsawwassen Terminal was experiencing communication (audio overflow) and intelligibility issues. To improve communications and the audio, Tsawwassen Terminal installed over 100 of TOA Canada Corporation's SC Series Paging Horns strategically aimed to reduce reverberation (echo) and improve clarity.

Intercom failures and short comings lead to introduction and implementation of TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System. The intercom system being used for terminal wide intercommunication. The system relys on several of TOA's 900 Series Amplifiers and Mixers for paging and security gate entry points.

The result of this TOA upgrade has provided the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal with clear and intelligable sound, and has many local residents happy because they no longer hear the Tsawwassen Terminal's paging at their homes!

Tsawwassen Terminal BC Ferries

Corporate & Commercial

• Four Seasons (Commercial Centre), Ontario
• Rolls Royce Canada, Montréal, QC

Correctional Facility

• Val-d’Or Justice Center, Val-d’Or, QC


• Aupaluk School, Aupaluk, NT
• De l'Or et des Bois School Board, Val-d’Or, QC
• Des Draveurs School Board, QC
• Joseph Francois Perrault School, Montréal, QC
• Lester B. Pearson School Board, Dorval, QC
• Marguerite Bourgeois School Board, Saint-Laurent, QC
• Mattawa School Board, Mattawa, ON
• Pointe de I'ile School Board, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC
• Private College, QC
• Psycho-pedagogical Center, Montréal, QC
• University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
• Université de Sherbrooke (Longueuil), QC
• Université de Montréal (HEC), Montréal
• Western Quebec School Board, QC

Government & Hospitals

• CRCHUM (Hospital Research Center), Montréal, QC
• Hopital Lasalle, Montréal, QC
• Jewish General Hospital, QC
• Joliette Residence, QC
• Royal Alexander Hospital, Edmonton, AB
• Toronto City Hall & Metro Hall, Toronto, ON
• Val-d’Or Hospital, Val-d’Or, QC

Halls and Theatres

• Place des Arts, Montréal, QC

Sporting Complexes

• Montréal Olympic Stadium, Montréal, QC


• Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (ADM), Montréal, QC
• Northumberland Ferries, Murray River, PE

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