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Image of Charlottetown Civic Centre

Charlottetown Civic Centre, Charlottetown, PEI

Charlottetown Civic Centre, home to the PEI Rocket Hockey Club, host venue for local festivals, concerts, trade shows, and more, had a reputation for having bad sound. The horn cluster over centre ice was not performing to the expectations of the fans or clients of the facility. A simple service call changed the sound for the better.


A phone call to Mr. Jay Perry, owner of Atlantic Integrated Systems, to repair the existing P.A. System, led to the discussion of a possible upgrade to the systems in the building. Mr. Perry reviewed the existing system with General Manager Dave McGrath and offered design recommendations to improve the sound in the facility. "The selling point for the new P.A. System, which included TOA's HX-5's speakers and FB-120 subwoofers, F-2352 ceiling speakers, the D-901 Modular Digital Mixer, and the BG Series Amplifiers, was a recent successful installation at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario,” remarked Mr. Perry.


Built in 1991, the Charlottetown Civic Centre features an NHL-sized ice surface with a floor area of 17,000 square feet. The facility boasts a fixed seating capacity of 3,717 with an additional 1,700 portable seats. The facility also includes 10 luxury suites, a VIP lounge, lobby and concession area, as well as conference and trade centre all of which received audio system upgrades. The installation was completed in two phases.


Atlantic Integrated Systems designs and installs audio/visual systems for many venues including arenas and churches on Prince Edward Island. Working in conjunction with island veteran sound company; Pater Audio, Jay designed and installed the equipment for the Civic Center. Mr. Perry conducted a basic room model with EASE Focus and the system was set up using SMAART Analysis. Upon completion of the design, Mr. Perry confirmed with TOA's Technical team that the design would work.


Initially the Civic Centre wanted to keep the costs of the upgrade down by updating the mid/high speakers and re-using the subwoofers and amplifiers from the existing system. TOA's HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speakers were chosen for the arena. The arena is a bowl shape with 360 degree seating. Speakers are placed above the glass boards of the ice surface. The speakers were flown from the cat-walk grid, with 5 HX-5 speakers down each side (one speaker for each section of seating, covering approximately 10 rows of seats), 3 HX-5 speakers were installed over each of the end zones to round out the system and provide uniform coverage throughout the arena.


The lobby/concession area and the VIP Lounge also received updated sound with the installation of new HX-5 and F-2352's respectively. Both TOA Canada Corporation, Confidential - Page 2 of 2 the lobby and the VIP Lounge have feeds from the arena allowing guests in these areas to be able to enjoy the ice surface/arena's entertainment.


"After the completion of Phase I of the project, we were not satisfied with the performance of the system. The top end worked quite well, however the bass was lacking definition." explained Mr. Perry. The performance of Phase I led to Phase II of the project, which included adding FB-120 subwoofers and new DA-250 amplifiers to the system. The system now has individual zone controls so that each of the seating sections can be adjusted for equalization and time alignment. Mr. McGrath, the facility’s General Manager, as well as the fans and clients of the Charlottetown Civic Center are amazed at how much sound comes out of such small enclosures. Everyone is enjoying the improved sound coverage in the facility, the increased clarity, and intelligibility that TOA's system provides.


"As a result of this installation, I am getting more interest in TOA's HX-5 product and am using this product in an upcoming church installation and other projects that I have. I am impressed with the level of service and the quality of product that TOA provides," commented Mr. Perry.

Read the full Installation Story
Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON

Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is home to an incredible outdoor recreational area, featuring a day-use area with a man-made swimming/wading pool, skating rink, basketball courts and more. The outdoor area is very large and the facilities existing paging and background music (BGM) system was not effectively covering the vast area. Wanting to provide intelligible communications across the facility, Bronte Creek Provincial Park upgraded their existing system to include TOA speakers, amplifiers, sound repeaters, AM/FM synthesizer tuner and remote microphones.

The park has an astonishing man-made swimming area that features an all-inclusive wading pool and deeper sections for swimming. Lifeguard chairs are located strategically throughout the pool (including the deeper areas of the pool) to ensure all swimmers are safe. The facility is especially concerned about communicating quickly and effectively weather changes that might involve a lightning strike or emergencies that may arise in the swimming area and throughout the facility. To ensure all occupants are safe at all times and can easily hear communications, mounted to each lifeguard chair are three of TOA's CS Series Paging Horns which are designed to offer the high intelligibility of weather-resistant horns combined with the high sound quality of dynamic speakers. 

You can also find paging horns around the perimeter of the facility on the fences and outbuilding so that everyone on the premise can hear the same messages.

The facility also features basketball courts which double as a skating rink in the winter time. Here you will find more of TOA's paging horns as well as the reliable F-2000 Series weather-resistant box speakers. The box speakers can be found in the courtyard as well, providing an well distributed speaker system that is highly effective for everyday communications, background music and emergency communications. 

The speakers are managed through TOA's M-9000 pre-amplifier. This is a modular amplifier that allows for signal processing, zoning, and control functions for sound reinforcement. TOA's DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier drives the speakers. Q-RM9012 Remote Microphones are used in conjunction with the M-9000 Pre-amplifier to allow the user to page throughout the system. 

Providing an enjoyable ambiance via background music, Bronte Creek Provincial Park uses TOA's DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner. When an emergency message or a standard announcement is required, TOA's EV-20R Sound Repeater is ideal for providing automatic and repeating announcements and emergency announcements.

The facility is pleased with the TOA equipment they chose to provide background music, paging, and most especially emergency paging. They are confident that their customers will have an enjoyable day at their facilities while being kept safe and communicated to effectively to in all sorts of emergencies or daily communications and announcements.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON

Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON  Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON 

Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON 


Image of Eastlink Events Center

Eastlink Events Center, Clarenville, Newfoundland

Eastlink Event Center was a new building designed to shape the future of Clarenville and the community. It promotes community and personal wellness featuring a sports and recreation center, theater and conference rooms. Eastlink Event Centre features an arena with a capacity of 2,250 and a theatre which seats over 400.

When Eastlink Events Center was being designed, they chose TOA equipment as the designed specified equipment that would meet the requirements and needs of the client. The client wanted PA and paging throughout the facility.

The arena is covered by multiple clusters of HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers using TOA Synchronous Drive technology. The arrays are enhanced by the FB-120 subwoofer that complements this speaker.

The facility required paging throughout the base building and all public areas including dressing rooms, theatre, and arena. The paging distribution is operated through TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The amplifier includes paging modules to effectively broadcast communication throughout the facility. The DA-250 Multi Channel Digital Amplifier supports this system. The F Series Ceiling Speakers are installed throughout the facility to provide audible sound for paging, background music or any function the facility requires. A single PM-660U Paging Microphone is used to page. 

In the theater the guests are amazed by the big theater sound of TOA's SR-A Two-way Line Array Speaker System including the subwoofers that compliment this speaker to hit all ranges mid, high and low. The theater's head end includes TOA's A-9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The processing is done using TOA's D-901 Digital Mixer including modules and the IP Series Amplifiers. Monitor speakers are set up for the system as well as Wireless Hearing Assist and a UHF Wireless Microphone System. The DT-930 AM/FM Tuner is also being used. It is capable of receiving FM stereo broadcast and storing a total of 40 FM and AM stations.

Eastlink Events Center is happy with the performance, ease of use and quality of the sound from the equipment installed. They had a limited budget, and Audio Systems Ltd. was able to meet both the requirements of the budget as well as the PA and paging needs. The facility has great sound coverage, with excellent sound quality that has their clients raving about the facility's ability to communicate and provide the background music, announcements and impact required. The theater has been compared to large professional theatres with the sound quality where large events taking place including; music and theatrical performances. 

Eastlink Events Centre Head End Equipment Rack  Eastlink Events Center Theater Line Array

Image of Flexi-Hall

Flexi-Hall, Yorkton, SK

Flexi-Hall is a multi-purpose facility including a curling rink, soccer field, Olympic track and swimming pool. The facility required a PA System, installing TOA's powerful HX-5 Variable Angle Speaker, backed by the FB-120 - Subwoofer. The speakers are flown from the ceiling in clusters of 2-3 speakers plus 1 sub. The system includes TOA's 700 Series Mixer/Amplifier, as well as TOA's BG-M Series - Mixer/Amplifier.
Gallagher Centre website
Image of Fort Qu'Appelle Arena

Fort Qu'Appelle Arena, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Fort Qu'Appelle Arena has an extensive TOA HX-5 Variable Angle Speaker combined with FB-120 Subwoofer audio system installed. The system has a TOA M-9000 - Mixer which sends a signal to the power amplifier to drive the speakers. The PA system covers both the ice and the bleachers, featuring clusters of 3 speakers around the rink.
Image of Keystone Centre

Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB

The Keystone Centre is Brandon's "Centre of it all." The Keystone Centre is Western Canada's Premiere Facility for all recreation, entertainment, convention, and agriculture events. The Keystone Centre now boasts 540,000 square feet of multi-use space that is home to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the WHL's Brandon Wheat Kings, and the Brandon Curling Club.  The centre has many different facilities for a wide range of events including; recreational activities, banquets, conventions, entertainment, and agricultural.

The facility has 15 separate audio systems throughout. Keystone Centre's management wanted to tie the audio systems together, creating a user friendly routing system that would allow for audio originating from any location to be routed to any combination of destinations within the facility. TOA's MP-1216 Monitor Panel was selected to monitor the audio sources coming into the matrix, thus making the routing process easier to manage. The Monitoring capabilities of each zone gives the user the confidence that the audio has been routed correctly.
Image of Ladner Leisure Centre

Ladner Leisure Centre, Delta, BC

To meet the requirements of a sound system with intelligibility, the Ladner Leisure Center had a TOA Public Address and Paging system designed and installed into their facility. The system is designed with HX-5 -Variable Angle Speakers enhanced with FB-120 - Low-frequency Subwoofers. Two DA-550 - Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifiers drive the speakers with mixing and signal processing provided by TOA's D-901 - Digital Modular Mixer and D-911 - Remote Controller. The intelligibility of the system has been dramatically improved over the original installation, and the fans, patrons and facility management are pleased with the installation.
Ladner Arena
Membertou Arena

Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre, Membertou, NS

The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre houses 2 NHL regulation sized hockey rinks, a cafe with snacks and beverages, a conditioning centre for athletes with dry-land training facilities, walking track, party rooms, plus a full service bar and a pro shop with skate sharpening.  
Membertou Sports and Wellness Centre is a place for communities and families to gather. A place where kids can be kids while enjoying their favourite sporting activity, while the entire family can be active and participate in or watch sporting events. This newly constructed facility worked with a consulting team and TOA Canada's Technical Support Team to create an ambiance that would be perfect for all activities.
This project was a newly built sporting facility. It was designed by a consultant. The Installer and TOA Canada's Technical support team worked closely together to program the equipment to ensure performance was met. Lots of frequency was added to deliver crisp sound. 
To provide superior sound coverage on the ice surface TOA's HX-5 Compact Line Array Speakers, complimented with the FB-120 subwoofer, were installed along ceiling rafters across the ice surface. The speakers are pointed appropriately towards the bleachers so that the fans can clearly hear the music, announcement and play-by-play. The speakers are powered by a powerful head-end of mixers and amplifiers. 
Products Used: 
  • HX-5 Compact Line Array Speakers, including FB-120 Subwoofer
  • PC-580RU Ceiling Speakers
  • M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer
  • M-9000 Series Pre-Amplifier plus Modules
  • DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifiers
  • DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor
  • DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner
  • 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphones
  • PM-660U Paging Microphone
 Membertou Arena   Membertou Arena Equipment Rack   Membertou Arena Hallway
Arena #2   Equipment Rack   Membertou Facility

Northside Arena, Fredericton, NB

Opening in the spring of 2007, the Northside Arena in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is the community’s complete sports complex. Featuring two NHL-sized ice surfaces with a seating capacity for 1,000; community rooms; YMCA fitness; and a walking track, this facility is sure to turn heads in the community all year long.

Both arenas’ PA systems are set up using a mixture of TOA’s digital mixers, amplifiers and speakers, set up with similar configurations. All eight outputs on the D-901, Modular Digital Mixer, are being used.

Read the full Installation Story

Image of Point Edwards Memorial Arena

Point Edwards Memorial Arena, Point Edwards, ON

The Point Edwards Memorial Arena's Public Address System incorporates TOA's HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers, arranged in clusters at center ice and around the bleacher areas. The speakers are enhanced with TOA's FB-120 Subwoofer, for an overwhelming experieince.The system is driven by TOA's DA-550 Series - Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier and TOA's A-9120DHM2 - Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier.


Point Edwards Memorial Arena 

Prince of Whales Cultural and Recreation Centre, Assiniboia, SK

Audio Processing provides an intelligible sound system to deliver foreground/background music and paging throughout the complex.

Richmond Oval, Richmond, BC

The Richmond Oval will be home to speed skating for the 2010 Olympic and Paralypic Winter Games. A Powerful TOA Public Address System for public areas has been installed, using TOA's Slim Type Two-way Line Array Speakers.

The Sports Village, Vaughan, ON

The Sports Village is a multi-faceted recreational facility which required an A/V update. To add excitement, intelligable announcements and music to the restaurant patio which spills over to the beach volley ball courts, a powerful TOA audio system was installed. The system allows for entertainment through background music as well as exciting sporting play-by-play announcements. The system uses TOA's weather-resistant speakers, aimed in such a way that the residential neibours will not be disturbed. The entire system is controlled from a main rack, which allows the announcements to be heard over the music.
Image of Terrebonne Soccer

Terrebonne Indoor Soccer Stadium, Terrebonne, QC

The Indoor Soccer Stadium in Terrebone, Quebec needed a Public Address and Paging System for its facility. Working with a local design electrical engineering firm, Terrebonne was able to have the PA and Paging System that they required.

TOA products were specified for the facility. Covering the soccer field are large clusters of HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers complimented with TOA's FB-120 Subwoofer. The spectator areas, including the bleachers have sound provided by TOA's CS-304 - Wide-Range Paging Speaker, which are ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial sound systems, including voice paging, background music and tone signalling distribution. TOA's 9000 Series Mixer complete with ZM Paging Module and TOA's DA-250 Multi-Channel Amplifier, facilitate the paging for the facility. The Terrebonne Indoor Soccer Stadium is divided into multiple paging zones covering the base of the building plus all of the public areas.

The facility manager, who manages many similar type facilities, is excited about Terrebonne's new Paging and Public Address system. It is the best sounding and the most user friendly system installed in any of the facilities that he manages.

  Terrebonne Rack        Terrebonne Speakers

Image of Guelph Arena

University of Guelph, Gryphon Centre, Guelph, ON

TOA has a Public Address System featuring a center ice cluster of HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers. Along the bleachers are TOA's F-2000BTWP - Wide-Dispersion, Weather-resistant, Box Speakers. The system is driven with TOA's DA-250 - Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier and M-9000 - Mixer. The Gryphon Centre features twin rinks that are home to the varsity Hockey Gryphons and numerous intramural programs. The Gold Rink (featured in the picture) has a seating capacity of 1,400 and is an olympic-sized ice rink, home of the Gryphon Hockey Team.
Image of T & F Stadium, Universite de Moncton

Université de Monction, Track & Field Stadium

The Université de Moncton's Track & Field Stadium is a newly built track and field stadium, where in late July 2010, the facility was the host to the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics. When looking for a full coverage, PA System for the stadium, the management at the Université de Moncton decided on TOA's reliable and durable product lines.

The Track and Field Stadium's bleachers and main building's sound and paging is delivered through TOA's LE long throw horns and HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers. The interior of the building has F Series Ceiling speakers to deliver wide-dispersion sound. The front end of the system includes TOA's D-901 Digital Mixer (plus modules) as well as the 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers. The Amplifiers include TOA's DA Series Amplifier and IP Series Amplifiers.
TOA Speakers


University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC

UNBC's Northern Sports Center boasts a 145,150 square foot, high-performance sports facility. The Northern Sports Center is the largest of it's kind in British Columbia and possesses the province's longest indoor track. The facility features a field house (for soccer), track and straightaway, gymnasium, weight and cardio rooms, dance studio, and other multi-purpose rooms. The entire facility's audio is managed by the head end which distributes telephone paging, emergency microphone paging, background music and zone paging via the PBX phone system. The entire system is TOA. The head end includes the M-9000 Mixer and modules and PM-660U - Paging Microphone.


The basketball and soccer areas have TOA's D-901 mixing the input signals and managing the speakers (zone, crossover, frequency, etc.). The users can adjust the volume and other pre-sets, using TOA's D-911, a mechanical user interface for controlling the D-901. IP Series Amplifiers drive the HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers and the FB-120 Subwoofers. These areas also have TOA's UHF Wireless Microphone System.


Around the track and squash courts you will find TOA's CS-64 - Wide-range Paging Speakers. Throughout the lobby, washrooms and change rooms are TOA's popular F-122 Ceiling Speakers. The Dance Studio boasts TOA's HX-5 - Variable Angle Speakers and the FB-120 Subwoofers, as well as TOA's UHF Wireless Microphone System for aerobics instructors to communicate to the class. These systems are driven by the DA-Series Multi-channel Amplifiers and M-9000 Mixer. The Weight room and circuit rooms feature TOA's A-9120S - Digital Mixer/Amplifier, plus TOA's F Series Ceiling Speakers.
Image of St. Denis Field

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (St. Denis Field)

St. Denis Athletic and Community Centre at the University of Windsor's Stadium, Outdoor Track and Football Field are home not only to the Lancer Football and Lancer Soccer teams, but also to TOA's weather-resistant HX-5 Series - Variable Angle Speakers, LE Horns and IP Amplifiers. The facility boasts 2,000 permanent seats and a spectator capacity of 10,000. The stadium has already played host to the 2005 Pan American Junior Games and the 2008 Canadian Olympic Trials for Track and Field.  

St. Denis Field

Image of Fieldhouse

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (Fieldhouse)

To create the impact and sound desired, the University of Windsor had eight of TOA’s SR-C8L Line Array Speakers strategically mounted throughout the venue, covering the mids and highs; the bass was created using four of TOA’s SR-C15B Subwoofers. The SR-C Series Line Arrays were designed to provide optimum coverage of the bleachers. To provide proper sound coverage at court level, four HX-5B Compact Array Speakers were assembled into two arrays facing 90 degrees down with one set covering each end zone of the court.

The head end equipment is assembled in a rack located in an ante-room off of the lobby. Driving the audio system are five DA-500F, 4 Channel Amplifiers. The system is mixed using TOA’s new D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor.

To provide courtside control, TOA’s Q-D-2012C Remote Control Console Unit has been linked wirelessly to the D-2008SP using a router and gateway connection. The audio provided from a music source (iPod) is sent via TOA’s Audio Network Adapter, NX-100, over the wireless network to the D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor. This provides the announcer with courtside control for announcements and cueing the appropriate sounds and volume levels.

Read the full Installation Story

Image of Markland Woods

Markland Wood Golf Course, Mississauga, ON

Markland Wood relies on TOA's equipment to provide background music and public address for their clients and facility. The facility is set up with multiple zones to reach all areas of the club house. The system relies on Crestron controllers integrated with TOA's equipment. The system inlcudes F Series Ceiling Speakers, Box Speakers, and includes TOA's DA-250 Multi-Channel Digital Amplifers for the head end. In the ballroom they also rely on TOA's S5.5 Trantec Wireless Microphone System. The sound system covers the main dining areas, the ball room, outdoor terrace and patio, the locker rooms, pro-shop and hallways.
Westfield Golf and Country Club

Westfield Golf and Country Club, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Nestled on the slopes of the St. John River Valley, Westfield has long been regarded as New Brunswick's most scenic golf course. Featuring spectacular views of Kennebecasis Island, Crowley Mountain, Sunset Valley and the Nerepis Hills.  
The Westfield Golf and Country Club wanted to update their audio system. The Golf Course wanted to provide background music (BGM) and paging throughout the clubhouse and on the greens. Life Safety is important to the owners and management of Westfield Golf and Country Club. They wanted to be able to communicate with their members and patrons, especially in the event of an emergency, such as lightening. 
The golf course wanted to provide the best communication inside and outside the facility, so that patrons could clearly hear announcements and instructions. 
To blend into the appearance of the clubhouse, TOA's Pendant public address speakers were chosen. These sleek speakers not only look great, but also sound great and are ideal for this type of application. SC Series paging horns are weather-resistant and audible and are installed throughout the outside areas of the facility. Westfield Golf and Country Club now feels confident that they not only have an aesthetically pleasing audio and paging system, but an effective way to communicate with their patrons and staff both inside the main buildings and around the grounds of the golf course. 
Products Used: 
  • Q-PE-304BK Pendant Public Address Speakers
  • F-2000 Series Wide Dispersion Box Speakers
  • SC-304 Paging Horns
  • 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier
  • ZM-9014 Remote Control Panel
  • ZM-9001 Remote Panel
  • 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphones
 Membertou Arena   Westfield Golf and Country Club   Westfield Golf and Country Club
Club House   Wall Control   Paging Horn on Patio

Westside Recreation Centre, Calgary, AB

Audio Processing providing music and voice override in the three facilities.
Image of Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium (The Bird’s Nest)

Beijing National Stadium, also popularly known as the “Bird’s Nest,” was the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During the games, football and track and field events were held in this stadium, as well as the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies. The biggest issue in the installation of TOA’s systems was how to provide correct and accurate broadcasting that would allow for smooth game operations in a gigantic stadium boasting a seating capacity of as many as 91,000 spectators.
A combined broadcast system composed of the SX-2000 Series Matrix system and the VX-2000 Series Integrated Emergency Public Address system provides background music and general announcements. It also offers easy selection of multiple sound sources for free broadcast to multiple areas through a combination of HX-5 Series Variable Dispersion speakers and ceiling mounted speakers for smooth sound distribution. In case of fire or other emergencies, the system instantly connects to external public address equipment for evacuation announcement to ensure the safety of both spectators and participants. Additionally, extensive failure detection functions programmed into the system ensure that system troubles and failures can be quickly remedied.
After the Olympic Games were completed, the stadium was remodeled and the installed TOA systems are expected to be used in a wide assortment of future applications ranging from sports to music concerts and other entertainment events.
PDF Overview
PDF Story

Image of Beijing National Stadium Image of Beijing National Stadium Image of Beijing National Stadium

Additional Sports Complexes

• Airdrie Arena, Airdrie, AB
• Arena Jacques Lemaire, Montreal, QC
• Barhead Arena, Barhead, AB
• Beaconsfield Recreation Center, Beaconsfield, QC
• Bonnyville and District Community Centre, Bonnyville, AB
• Century Gardens Recreation Centre, Brampton, ON
• Dawson Creek Arena, Dawson Creek, BC
• Dowel Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
• GrandFall Arena, Grand Fall, NB
• Iceland, Mississauga, ON
• Macklin Arena, Macklin, SK
• New Medicine Hat Arena, Medicine Hat, AB
• Old Medicine Hat Arena, Medicine Hat, AB
• Peace River Arena,
Peace River, AB
• REACH (Regional Equine & Agricultural Centre of Huron) Equestrian Arena, Clinton, ON
• Rothesay Sport Complex, Rothesay, NB
• Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Centre, Sarnia, ON
• Seaman Stadium, Okotoks, AB
• Settler Arena, Settler, AB
• Taylor Community Centre, Taylor, BC

What was that PENALTY for?

What was that PENALTY for?What was that PENALTY for?
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TOA Canada Corporation is your manufacturer specializing in sound equipment designed for speech intelligibility.

TOA products are ideal for;
• Play-by-play announcements
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TOA has a solution that is as versatile as you are. TOA products are well suited for all recreational buildings and activities, including; hockey & skating, swimming, outdoor sports (tennis, baseball, soccer), tradeshows, multi-function/meeting rooms, and parking areas.

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