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Image of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops, Calgary, AB

The Bass Pro Shops have a strict policy of consistency within their stores, and have a standardized format each store must adhere to. All retail stores must have the same look, feel and sound. The sound system in the Calgary Bass Pro Shops retail location is 100% TOA product, the same audio that is found in Bass Pro Shops across both Canada and the United States. The Bass Pro Shops rely on TOA for their public address, paging and background music requirements. The equipment fits into the decor of the store so well, it blends in and is barely visible to the consumer. Incorporating several of TOA's product lines for the PA system, the Bass Pro Shops have BS-1030 Series - Music and Paging Speakers, F Series - Coaxial, Wide-dispersion Ceiling Speakers. TOA's D-901 (complemented with the D-911 Remote Controller and Input modules) is used to digitally mix the signal before sending it to TOA's DA-250 - Digital Multi-channel Amplifier and A-700 Series Mixer/Amp. The sound is phenomenal.
Air Riderz, Mississauga

Air Riderz Trampoline Park, Mississauga, ON

Air Riderz Trampoline Park is Mississauga, Ontario's newest Trampoline Park. Air Riderz provides indoor family fun for all ages, focusing on trampolines; this organization also has dodge ball, and climbing activities. The facility provides exciting music and paging using TOA's HS Series Coaxial Array Speakers. The system is run by TOA's DA-550F Multichannel Power Amplifier. Air Riderz wanted a simple music system to make the trampoline area a fun place for customers to play.

Air Riderz Website

Air Riderz, Mississauga

Image of Banff Springs Hotel

The Fairmount Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, AB

Few hotels in the world rival the majesty, hospitality and grandeur of The Fairmont Banff Springs resort. To complement and blend into the ambiance and the splendour of this hotel, The Background Music and Paging system had to be pleasing to both the eyes and the ears. Throughout Banff Springs, you will find TOA's equipment blended into the facility. Background music and paging can be heard throughout the common areas and hallways of the facility. The hotel has a vast selection of ball rooms and convention rooms to offer their clientele, all of which have a TOA PA System.
Image of FeverNightClub

Fever Night Club, Edmonton, AB

The lights are low. The crowd is thick. The action is about to begin, and thanks to TOA Canada Corporation’s High Speed Dome Cameras, patrons of Fever Nightclub can see the action from anywhere in the nightclub. Located in phase 3 of West Edmonton Mall, Fever Nightclub is Western Canada’s largest nightclub. It is an ultra modern playground, with state of the art sound, lighting and video.

Read the full Installation Overview

The Forzani Group Canada

The Forzani Group is Canada`s largest sporting goods retailer. They sell a vast assortment of sporting related products from footwear to apparel to performance equipment. Sport Chek, Sport Mart, Coast Mountain Sports, National Sports, Athletes World and Hockey Experts are just a few of the retail companies that make up The Forzani Group.
Focusing on the Sport Chek locations nationally, The Forzani Group relies on TOA's F-122C, Full Range Premium Ceiling Speakers, TOA's CS-64 - Wide-range Paging Speakers and (store size depending) either TOA's DA-250 or DA-500 Multi-channle Amplifiers complimented with TOA's M-9000 Matrix Mixer.

Gold's Gym, AB

Setting the PA System standard for Gold Gym locations, Gold's Gym had an PA System designed that includes's TOA's vast product line-up. The sound is delivered through several models of TOA speakers including; F Series - Ceiling Speakers, F-2000 - Wide-dispersion Box Speakers, and TOA's HS-1200BT Coaxial Array Speakers. The Amplifiers include several of TOA's DA-250 Digital Multi-channel Amplifiers as well as an M-900MK2 Modular Mixer and select modules and accessories.
Image of Hilton Garden Inn, Ottawa, ON

Hilton Garden Inn, Ottawa, ON

The Hilton Garden Inn in Ottawa, Ontario has been divided into a multi-zone facility with the lobby, hallways, restaurant, restrooms and meetings rooms (four of the meeting rooms can be combined or seperated) all featuring TOA Public Address and Paging Systems. To complete the PA System, TOA's 9000 Series Mixer/Amp with keypads, 900 Series Mixer drive TOA's populare F-122 - Ceiling Speaker. The facility also uses TOA's 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System.

Hilton Dining Room   Hilton Rack Equipment

Image of Indigo

Indigo Books, Milton, ON

The newly built Indigo Books in Milton Ontario, boasts an amazing sound system including TOA's F-1000 Speakers driven by TOA's A-2000 Series Amplifiers.

IGA, Grand-mere  QC

IGA was looking for a background music (BGM) and paging system that provides high quality, intelligible sound at affordable pricing. Having a pleasing atmosphere that makes a customer want to leisurely shop was important to IGA. They also wanted to be able to effectively communicate throughout the building to both staff and customers, providing the utmost in customer service and communications for everyone. 

To meet their requirements, IGA chose TOA's Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speakers (F-2352C). This ceiling speaker is ideal for covering extremely wide areas, providing well-balanced, uniform sound. In the hallways and offices, TOA's F-2000BT Wide Dispersion Speakers can be found. These speakers are also designed to cover wide areas and provide highly intelligible sound. To communicate in the warehouse, IGA choose CS-154 Wide Range Paging Horns. These paging horns are great for all-weather applications and are highly intelligible delivering high quality sound. The entire BGM and paging system is driven by Multichannel Power Amplifiers (DA-250FH) which provide high levels of performance, efficiency and multi-zone paging, while TOA's BG-200 Series Mixer Amplifier, which are ideal for providing background music.

The BGM and paging system is exactly what IGA was looking for. It provides the grocery store with crystal clear music, which provides the shoppers with a pleasing environment. It also provides clear and intelligible pages, which allows the employees to better communicate with their customers and each other. IGA is impressed with their BGM system. 



lululemon athletica, Square One, Mississauga

lululemon athletica, Square One, Mississauga, ON

Vancouver based lululemon athletica provides clothing for the athletically hip consumer. In its new Square One Location in Mississauga, Ontario, TOA's Pendent Speakers can be experienced. The store has excellent background music that relaxes their customers and encourages them to feel comfortable while browsing through the store. 

Lululemon, Square One, Mississauga

Image of McDonald's Restaurants, Ontario

McDonald's Restaurants, Ontario

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada are proud of the food they serve, and have one single purpose: to provide 100% total customer satisfaction. Every day millions of Canadians visit McDonald’s 1,400 plus Canadian restaurants. To help create the “Forever Young” atmosphere in the McDonald’s Restaurants, McDonald’s objective was to update and standardize their audio system in the restaurants. McDonald’s is creating an atmosphere the customer will remember, like a favourite song or movie from their youth, McDonald’s wants its customers to have warm and fond memories of their McDonald’s experience. McDonald’s believes that their audio system is an important component of their core values: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value.

The audio systems installed in older McDonald’s restaurants may not be reflecting the “Forever Young” image that McDonald’s wants to portray. An audio system was created for McDonald's that was versatile, easy to operate, durable, reliable and fit the needs of the restaurant, all while conforming to McDonald’s high standards. TOA’s reliable products were selected for the restaurants; including TOA’s 9000 Series Digital Mixer/Matrix Amplifier, and the F Series Ceiling Speakers.

Read the full Installation Overview
Image of McNally Booksellers

McNally Booksellers, Winnipeg, MB

McNally Robinson Bookstores and Bluewater Sound Inc. used the behaviours of human nature to install the cameras at all entrances and throughout the facility. With a 10’ ceiling, TOA’s Vandal-resistant Camera was installed at the escalators and stairway entrances for its durability, picture quality and day/night features. The Colour Mini Dome Cameras are installed throughout the bookstore. With the new security system, McNally Robinson Booksellers are not only able to keep their customers safe and cut down on theft, but are also able to locate moved or misplaced items throughout the store.

All of McNally Robinson Booksellers Winnipeg stores are equipped with TOA’s audio products. The Polo Park location is no exception. The bookstore often hosts special events, music groups, poet readings and book signings. The store required background music and paging for the bookstore and restaurant, but also required areas where they could host audio for the special events. One area is set up in the restaurant, while the other area is in the travel section of the bookstore (where the shelves can be rolled away to make room for speakers, and customers). Mr. Noren used TOA’s A-9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers as the main control center. The DA-250 Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier creates six zones allowing for paging throughout the store and restaurant, background music for the entire facility, and special zones for both special event areas within the bookstore and restaurant. The bookstore is equipped with twenty-six F-122 Ceiling Speakers. In the special events travel area, two F-2000 Wide-Dispersion Speakers complement the F-122 Ceiling Speakers for full coverage of the area. The restaurant boasts TOA’s H-3 Interior Design Speakers, blending into the valance of the high glass walls of the restaurant, looking more like a lighting sconce than a speaker.

Read the full Installation Overview
Image of Mic Mac Mall

Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth, NS

The Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, NS, is the largest mall in both the Maritimes, and east of Quebec City. Designing a Public Address and Paging System, that included emergency paging/mass notification that was intelligible throughout the mall, while incorporating additional background music features, into a retro-fit was not going to be an easy task. TOA products were able to deliver the results the facility manager desired. In total 151 F-2352C Ceiling Speakers are retro-fitted into the original speaker locations, throughout the mall using TOA's trim rings. Driving the entire system are TOA's M-9000 Mixer plus 4 DA-250 Multi-channel Power Amplifiers. The M-9000 includes several modules including telephone paging modules and Ambient noise modules. The new PA System is now intelligible with pages being heard and understood by the patrons of the mall.


Read the full Installation Overview

Mic Mac Mall Amp Rack
Image of Milestones

Milestones (Flagship Store), Toronto, ON

Looking for an atmosphere that encompasses the intimacy of a dining experience or the buzz of the bar, Milestones (owned and operated by Cara Operations Ltd.) has under gone a redesign, signifying a new direction for this casual fine-dining restaurant. The new design provides guests with a vibrant and inviting place to enjoy a meal or refreshments. Working with an award winning design firm to create the new Milestones atmosphere, it was essential that Milestones incorporate a sound system that would blend in with the décor while providing the right ambiance to fit in with the dining and bar experience.

Incorporating TOA’s F-122C Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speakers as well as the F-1000B Wide Dispersion Speakers, the sound system was blended into the walls and ceilings, without interfering with the hip and modern new appearance of the restaurant. Powering the speakers are TOA’s reliable amplifiers the D-901 Modular Digital Mixer and the DA-250 Digital Multi-Channel Amplifier.

Read the full Installation Overview

UPDATE: A number of audio systems that are installed in buildings that have Fire alarm evacuation systems require that the audio system used for background music be enabled to allow emergency messages to broadcast over the audio system, or have the audio muted for the emergency alarm or broadcast.

Milestone’s Restaurant in downtown Toronto was such a case. The TOA audio equipment was configured to accommodate this voice evacuation feature.

Many TOA mixers and mixer/amps can be configured to mute the audio when an emergency message or alarm is activated. The voice evacuation message can also be set up to override the audio on the TOA background music system and thus make any announcement more noticeable.


Image of ONroute


While travelling the 400 series highways, take a break at ONroute! Enjoy the amenities and relax to the soothing sounds of Stingray's music through TOA's equipment. Twenty-seven service centers along the 400 series highway have set the ambience with Stingray and TOA. 

“Redeveloping our highway service centres is part of the McGuinty government’s Open Ontario plan to invest in our infrastructure and create opportunities for Ontario families. These state-of-the art service centres will serve motorists better and help showcase our province in a positive way,” said Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Minister of Transportation. (HMS Host Press Release, First Phase of Highway 401 Service Centres Complete)

TOA products can be found in all twenty-seven service centers delivering a variety of music, including adult contemporary, hit sweep, smooth jazz and classic hits blend. Each location has its own unique TOA speaker and head end selection which includes F-2352SC Ceiling Speakers, F Series Weather-Proof Box Speakers for outdoor use, as well as TOA’s PE-304 and PJ-304 Pendant and Projection Speakers, all of which are stylish in design and blend into the buildings décor. The head end of the system is powered by TOA’s A-9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amp product line including the P-9000 Series Power Amplifiers. The amplifiers are programmed with telephone paging modules; Dual Mic/line input modules with DSP; as well as Dual line output expansion modules with DSP.

The TOA sound system is delivering clear and intelligible sound throughout the main restaurant areas, lobby, entrance ways, washrooms and the exterior of the building. It is important to have great sounding speakers and amplifiers to guarantee the best possible in-store music experience. That's why Stingray has partnered with TOA to provide the best possible user and listener experience. 
PE-304 Onroute TOA Audio System


About Stingray:

Stingray Business is Canada’s leading in-store music provider, broadcasting music to 11 thousand clients in 74,000 commercial locations. With the largest channel offering in the country and a team of 100 music experts scattered across the globe, Stingray Business is able to provide off-the-shelf music as well as original in-store soundtracks for clients looking to craft memorable brand experiences. Stingray Business owns all the national licenses required to broadcast content legally, allowing businesses to endorse Canadian talent while avoiding receiving heavy fines for copyright infringement. Stingray Business is the property of Stingray, a leading business-to-business multi-platform music and in-store media solutions provider operating on a global scale.




Image of Palace Casino

Palace Casino, West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB

Palace Casino features TOA's H Series - Interior Design Speakers for communicating with their patrons.
Image of Rideau Carlton Raceway

Rideau Carlton Raceway, Ottawa, ON

The Rideau Carlton Raceway requred and audio and paging system for it's entire facility. TOA PA Equipemt was selected for the dining area, race track, horse stalls and the main level of the facility. The product line-up includes TOA's 900 Series Mixer and Power Amplifiers, a selection of TOA's Speakers including F-Series - Ceiling Speakers, F-605 and F-160 Speakers and CS Series - Wide-Range Paging Speakers.

Rideau Carlton Raceway
Image of The Ritz-Carlton Toronto Boardroom

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Toronto’s newest five star hotel, The Ritz-Carlton opens February 2011. This exquisitely designed hotel features a luxurious spa, extraordinary dining, and world-class meeting rooms, all equipped with world-renowned TOA audio systems.

The Ritz-Carlton boasts the largest ballroom in Toronto covering 7,400 square feet and accommodating up to 600 guests. 68 of TOA’s F-2852 Series Ceiling Speakers, can be found in the ball rooms. TOA speakers are also in the meeting rooms, executive boardroom, and the gallery room at the Ritz-Carlton. The head end of the system for the Ballroom includes an M-9000M2 Preamplifier (including zone managing modules, and input modules), plus two DA-250DH Multi-Channel Amplifiers. For voice lift, the hotel is using four of TOA’s S5.5 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems.

Throughout the luxurious spa, three dining rooms, and two bars, 108 F-2352 Ceiling Speakers have been installed to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the hotels clientele. The pool, sauna, steam room, bars and outdoor patios also feature TOA’s F Series Weather-Resistant Box Speakers. The A-2000 Series Mixer Power Amplifier drives these systems.

The underground parking facility at the hotel is secured with TOA’s N-8000 Intercom System, allowing the hotel and their patrons easy-to-use and reliable communication, especially for emergencies.

This exquisitely designed hotel, demands a clean look, with world-class, reliable products. TOA’s products deliver the sound systems, and security required within the hotel, while blending into the décor, because TOA speakers not only sound great, they are visually pleasing as well.

Ritz Carlton Audio System

Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon, BC

Picturesque Sparkling Hill Resort chose TOA's reliable products when the Background Music and Paging system had to be pleasing to both the eyes and the ears. Throughout the resort, you will find TOA's equipment blended into the facility, including common areas, the spa, fitness room and conference rooms.

Products Used:

  • F Series Ceiling Speakers
  • A-2000 Series Mixer/Power Amplifiers
  • DA Series - Multi-channel Amplifier
  • A-9000 Modular Digital Mixer/Amp and modules
  • UHF wireless microphones and tuners.


Thrifty Foods Check Out

Thrifty Foods, British Columbia


Thrifty Foods takes pride in sustainability, ethical trading practices, energy savings, and funding community programs to support a commitment to healthy living. This Grocery store chain in British Columbia takes pride in their stores and community.


Thrifty Foods wanted to create an atmosphere that would make their customers feel relaxed and comfortable while shopping in their stores. They also wanted a reliable and effective way to page their staff and relay important messages to the customers.


Thrifty Foods has been a successful grocery chain. They started with over 20 stores on Vancouver Island. Around 2010 they started to expand to the mainland and continue to grow at a rapid pace. Maintaining customer loyalty and a close relationship was important for both TOA and Thrifty Foods. 


To create a background music (BGM) and public address system, Thrifty foods had installed a variety of TOA speakers, amplifiers and paging microphones to suit the specific requirement of each area of the store. Wide Dispersion F Series Ceiling Speakers are used in the speakers throughout the store to provide pleasing BGM. These speakers have a large sound coverage area which results in less speakers being required. Paging horns are being used in warehouse and outdoor areas. The Box Speakers have been installed in clusters of three to provide effective coverage in areas with open ceilings. PM-660U paging microphones are being used to broadcast pages and announcements. TOA’s DA Series Multi-channel Digital Amplifiers and the 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier are powering the system providing enough power for the groceries store PA system. 

 Products Used: 

  • F-2352 and F-2352SC: Ceiling Speakers
  • SC-615T: Paging Horn Speaker
  • BS-1030W Universal Speaker
  • DA-250: Multi-channel Digital Amplifiers
  • A-9120DHM2: Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier
  • P-9102DH: 9000 Series Power Amplifier 
  • PM-660U Paging Microphone
 Thrifty Foods   Thrifty Foods Grocery Isle   Thrifty Food Box Speakers
Thrifty Foods   Ceiling Speakers   Box Speakers
Toronto Premium Outlets

Toronto Premium Outlets, Halton Hills, ON

Ontario's first Premium Outlets have arrived just west of Toronto, Ontario. This shopping center provides Canada with a "value retail destination." Home to Canada's favourite designer brands, including Skate Spade, Coach, Burberry, Nike and more. This shopping experience has customers in an open air environment as they move from one store to the next. 
Simon (A global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development) wanted to provide their customers with a shopping experience that provided them comfort, relaxation and joy. They required background music that was offered soft and soothing sound to make customers feel comfortable and entice them to want to shop longer. 
Being an Indoor / Outdoor environment, Toronto Premium Outlets required a hardy speaker system that would stand up to Canada's harsh, cold winters, and hot, humid summers and everything in-between. They required speakers that blended into the architecture, providing clean lines. They also required a speaker that was weather-resistant. The speakers needed to be hardy, look great, blend in and sound outstanding. 
TOA's H Series Interior Design Speakers blend in with the architecture while providing soothing, relaxing and refreshing background music while customers wander the outdoor hallways from store to store. TOA's H-3WP is a weather-resistant (IPX4), wall-mountable, outdoor 2-way speaker that provides horizontally-wide dispersion. Some of the retail stores have also installed TOA's products including F-Series Ceiling Speakers.
Products Used:
• H-3WP Interior Design Speakers
• F Series Ceiling Speakers
Toronto Premium Outlets H-3WP Speakers   Toronto Premium Outlets F Series Ceiling Speakers

Image of West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB

Early in 2000, the mall was having problems with their paging system. Customers and employees were having a difficult time understanding the pages and staff often had a challenge getting the page to work. The original speakers were installed approximately 13 feet off of the ground and roughly 30 feet apart, making the sound system unintelligible due to dead spots between speakers. The ceiling speakers were changed to TOA’s popular F Series Ceiling Speakers (F-121). TOA’s Ceiling speakers are unique because they provide wide dispersion making sound more intelligible, without increasing the actual number of speaker locations required. Nearly 800 speakers were replaced throughout the mall in the hallways and common areas, on the upper and lower levels, including some of the public washrooms. Each speaker had to be positioned into a new location within the ceiling because the speakers did not fit into the existing backcans. Installation took several months to complete, but the rewards for the mall were worth the wait.

Read the full Installation Overview

West Edmonton Mall

Additional Hospitality and Retail

A&W Restaurant, Mississauga, ON
ESSO ServicMontana'se Centers, ON
Markland Wood Golf Club, Etobicoke, ON
Military Museum, Calgary, AB
Montana's Restaurant, AB
Ontario Place, Toronto, ON
Sheridan Nurseries, Mississauga, ON
Toronto Zoo, Toronto, ON


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